Game of the Month

Hello! Battleborn is our game of the month and we will highlight the game in a series of let’s plays and a review at the end of the month. I’ll just keep all video to this thread.

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we go a round of Capture Maps on Outback. We choose Oscar Mike and try to capture some points.

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Hey Guys! In this Let’s Play of Battleborn, We play a round of Meltdown as Miko on Paradise. I think my heals were on point!

Ooo, nice! I’ll watch these when I get home.

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We have shown off the pvp game modes, so now we will highlight a couple heroes starting with Caldarius. We show off his move set then play a round of Incursion with him on Overgrowth.

Hey guys! In today’s Let’s Play, we highlight Toby. We show off his abilities then do a round of Incursion on Overgrowth.