Game of the Year?

I’m just going to come out and say it:

Borderlands 3 deserves to be made Game of the Year PERIOD
No game has captured me so much, nor have I had as much fun as I’m having playing BL3
The variety of game play, the shooting, the generous loot, the sounds of the guns
Did I mention the sounds of the weapons in this game?! I have no idea who the sound team is, but omg!!! did they do a terrific job with the sound…The guns feel so real, the reloading sounds etc, I can’t stop going on about it because of just how damn good they all are. Sound is very important to me, and boy oh boy they nailed it!

The loot, all I can say is wow!! It’s like the team responsible for this game heard all our complaints about Borderlands 2 poor loot quality and drop rates and then went super saiyan on this game with it’s generosity, and boy does BL3 deliver. I’m not just talking about the Legendaries, just about every gun I find I can actually use it as It’s useable now, whereas before in BL2 you were pretty much restricted to a handful of powerful weapons, especially in UVHM…but now, I don’t stress about having to find the “best” gear, because everything is best gear lol

And the exploring, the Easter eggs, secrets, there is so much to this game it’s simply amazing that something like this could ever be made

And NO, Gearbox is not paying me to say this, Borderlands 3 is literally the best game of the year PERIOD, and it needs to win this award for the sheer amount of hard work that went into it and the sheer amount of replayability that it offers. It’s like they saw the places where BL2 could be improved then went ultra mode for us, fixed those errors, and then added everything on top that we wished for the next one in the series

I will be playing this game for years to come, so GEARBOX thank you for what you have accomplished, you put all other game companies to shame with this game :+1:

People look: I know some of you are having troubles with lagging, optimization, and other important issues, patience my friends, Gearbox won’t let you down, they are working on fixes, they know how much this game means to you all

GEARBOX I hands down salute you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful game that has and continues to give me so much joy :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


While I haven’t completed the main story with my 1st character yet, I’m inclined to agree with you - except for the myriad of horrendous technical issues the game is suffering from. I consider myself lucky because the ‘only’ problem I have to deal with (on PC) is frequent frame drops / stuttering. It’s annoying, but I can still play without any major concerns.

That said, I love just about everything else there is to Borderlands 3 so far. Best Borderlands game, hands down, and I’m having an absolute blast with it. So props where props are due: Gearbox did a damn fine job developing this game. Too bad they launched it in such a poor technical state - this has soured many people’s opinions.


it’s too bugged for that (


its a little over a week old, BL2 was way worse and it got goty.

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Honestly I would vote for Red Dead 2 over this. To many bugs, and no vertical split screen. The game is also fairly short with not much to do once you beat it.


Pretty refreshing to see some positive comments for a change! There’s a lot of negativity being thrown around at the minute (some of it justified) but I’m also having a ton of fun with this game, and expect patches to resolve the game breaking things people have unfortunately experienced.


I am not saying that it’s a bad game, but it definitely doesn’t deserve GOTY award imo, if that is what you mean…
Besides core gameplay, which is great, there is nothing special going on, nothing new or revolutionary, basicaly same old working formula from previous games, just with worse writing and story…

Also, the year is not over yet and some big releases are coming this fall…


It’s a good game. Great gameplay, great loot, but poor story, one dimensional humour and FAR too many bugs on release.

I say this objectively, though. This is coming from a guy who’s played all the series for thousands of hours, and has a vault symbol tattoo on his wrist.

I’m glad you’re getting really in to it, but give it a while, and you’ll realise that while it is a great game, is not GoTY material.


B3 is not even close to Game of the Year.

Weak story
Released with tons of bugs and performance issues
At this point very shallow endgame


I’m hearing all your legitimate criticisms guys, and I do sympathize, I really do.
But do you think once all the bugs gets sorted out, losing items in the bank, losing saves, split screen not working, very bad lag in the menu etc…do you think you will change your mind IF all these things were fixed?

Try to see beyond these bugs and have faith that Gearbox will iron them all out, because once you see beyond these issues, it truly is an awesome game, I would rate it the best shooter/looter out there. I know this is just my opinion though, and I’m really cool with you guys if you don’t see it my way
I’m not saying this game is perfect (well almost!), and even the issues I do have with it, which I haven’t expressed yet, I think they will get solved in time with patches


it will be GOTY , people are pissed atm, with reasons and i am pissed too because of the lack of vertical split but give the game 6 moths, it will be GOTY


Im a BL fanboy and ill be honest, I doubt it will be goty. The only thing they did really well is the looter shooter aspect (ill admit that is a big part of the game) yet the rest of the game is very average.

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I can’t vote Goty to the game that too many bugs and bad performance like this, It should better run on PS4 pro. I can’t stand for that problem that still never fix so I stopped to play since lv.7 even I bought a Super deluxe edition. So dissapointed.

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I truly understand your frustration, a triple AAA title like this should not have been released with so many bugs in it from the get go. BUT, and here’s the thing, I believe most of these bugs will be addressed and fixed in up coming patches (hopefully)…Once that happens, and the game runs smooth and stable, and all the issues brought up in these threads are fixed, do you think you will change your opinion of this game then, or has your initial experience soured your perception of this game completely?

The game will get a GOTY edition regardless of anything going on right now, and the people complaining are going to buy it anyway, regardless of what they say right now. That’s how it always goes. Gamers get bored and they buy stuff on sale, regardless of if they even want to play it, check your overflowing Steam library to confirm that.

It won’t get GOTY edition anytime soon, because cripes, it was released like yesterday, but it will come.


The technical issues have soured my tastes pretty much. Until they fix them then GOTY will not be in reach for them. I’m not saying this out of spite. I’m saying this cause it could have been avoidable but they choose not to and the end result is what we have now. So no GOTY, not yet.


Right now it is very hard to see past the bugs and i know alot agree with me. We will see how it goes tho. Its up to GB and Epic to fix this mess. If they do that then ill gladly change my mind. Its up to them, the balls in there court.

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  1. Games shouldn’t be rewarded for releasing half baked products.

  2. I dont think overall its GOTY material. Story is weak, gameplay isnt really a step forward. It’s just more of the same. Not a bad thing, but they clearly played it safe with this game.

I currently think the frontrunner is Resident Evil 2.


Abslt. Period.

Game of the year for what? Because it’s the game you’ve been looking forward for years and because you’re still hyped as hell for it?

I like the game a lot as well, but it’s pretty far from being GOTY worthy…