Game of the Year?

it won’t receive game of the year.
it simply has to many issues, an average story, and added too little innovation to the series.
it’s pretty much borderlands 2 with better graphics and gameplay, but worse everything else.

i like the game, but it’s not even a fraction as amazing as games like red dead redemption 2 or god of war, which were what alot of people consider to both be last years game of the year.

It’s close between Kingdom Hearts 3 and Borderlands 3 for me right now.

It’s a good game for sure, wouldn’t call it goty though.
For one it’s a technical nightmare for some people, with problems ranging from annoying to “your account just got randomly deleted”
And honestly I don’t think they’ve one-upped bl2, it’s just not as wildly entertaining to make me spend thousands of hours on it.
Characters are very weak this time around too, all of the new guys seem very boring and half of the returning bunch is shameless fanservice. Also don’t like the “Ubisoft strategy” in place that fills every map with a multitude of repetitive tasks(logs, crimson radio, etc) though many of these are acceptable because they lead you to unique enemies.
Everything else is pretty good. Combat feels more modern but not too detached from the series’ roots, albeit mayhem mode is a bit of of a slog but that’s kinda the point. Side quests more extensive than ever.
Overall it’s a very good game marred by bugs and slightly outclassed by it’s near-perfect predecessor

If they fix the bugs, pump up the droprates a bit and make proving grounds worth doing - maybe.

It really all depends on how good Doom: Eternal is.


I’m sure someone will give it GotY but I doubt many people will. Arguably, Gears 5 is a superior game, then we have Metro Exodus, WoW classic, kingdom hearts 3, I believe someone mentioned doom eternal, then there’s the new Destiny expansion…

Obviously, then you have to contend with metal wolf chaos XD.

Lots of competition.

Borderlands earned the GotY by being new.

Borderlands 2 earned it by not only making it technically better than the original but by also having a solid story and arguably the greatest bad guy in the history of gaming.

Borderlands 3… Was always going to have a hard time following borderlands 2. It’s a great game, from a technical standpoint the best in the series, but it drops the ball hard on the main story, much of the humor, and that hurts it’s replayability which is vital for a shoot and loot game.


how the game is short ? xD u clearly will have at least 40 hours if u do all side quests and another 40+ in tvhm now if u start looking for the challenges too u will exceed 100+ hours in both normal and tvhm not going to mention that u have proving grounds and circle of slaughter.


Yup this game is so nassive!

I can’t see this game being speed run in under 9-10 hours

I would love to say it could be, but if I’m being totally honest… it can’t be. The game was clearly rushed and has quite a few flaws that prevent it from being GotY material. I love the game to death and have been playing nothing else since it came out, but is it the best game of the year? There is a high probability that the answer is “no”.


The game has the potential for it, but in its current state, no.
There are entire threads dedicated to all the minor and major things that need to be addressed. And I don’t just mean mechanics and difficulty, like some bosses being too strong and some abilities being dog ■■■■.
Unfortunately in the digital age, because everything happens so quickly now, you’re probably better off delaying your launch by 2 weeks and hammering out the bugs rather than releasing it on time with this bugs, because that is what people will remember.
I’m having fun with it. It is a fun game. But it’s not quite close to be a clear winner and the year isn’t over yet. I’m rooting for it, though!


Nope, no way. There are way better games that were released in a way better state than this.

It can go far, but it’s right now more in a beta state than anything else.


Gameplay and fun is subjective, but the game has so many bugs and some are so in your face that you wonder how they past testing.

I have to restart the game more than the last 5 games I played and these games include long hours games like Fat cry 5, horizon zero dawn and & dead.

I’m not a fan of repetition so I don’t replay a game often. So yes my 38 hours for a single play through is short. It’s also pointless right now because you cannot skip cutscenes, and it’s just simply to easy. I’ll be more interested when they add more challenging end game content.

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Grinding out for better gear for upcoming raids, circle of slaughter, proving grounds, maxing out character level, getting legendary items, slaughterhouse 3000, TVHM playthrough, TVHM Mayhem 3 is pretty challenging, mayhem modes in general, completing every zone 100% (all Typhon chests, all claptrap parts, all quests, all chests, all Eridian deciphers, etc), completing all challenges (each gun manufacturer, planet specific ones, global ones, etc) but certainly not anything to do once you beat the game for sure.

You beat Slaughterhouse 3000 on TVHM M3?

I had 32 hours of playtime, just beating the game, doing about 2/3 of the side quests. Going to be at least 75-100 hours before I even complete one character. Let alone the other 3 VH’s that I have not even got a very far start into yet.

Then there are multiple builds for each of those, if you really want to 100% the game, you should have one of each main build.

Yeah RDR2 was good, but it came out in 2018, and it doesn’t even have split screen at all, so not really sure why your drawing that comparison.

GOTY is hugely subjective. I mean, for example, Dirt Rally 2.0 or Borderlands 3? Which is better? There’s no objective answer to that.

For someone who loves Gears, Gears 5 may be the obvious choice because from what I’ve heard it does everything right. Yet to me, I never liked Gears and all footage of Gears 5 I’ve seen looks incredibly dull and boring to me. I wish there was a demo but there isn’t.

To me, BL2 is without a doubt one of the best games of all time and despite its flaws BL3 improves on it in many regards, to the point that at least currently I’m enjoying it even more than BL2. From my perspective, if this isn’t GOTY then what the hell is?

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As I stated I don’t like repetition. So replaying the same content over and over which all of what you stated entails does not appeal to me. I also dont find it challenging at all. To each his own.

For some reason I thought red dead came out this year and forgot. Regardless it’s a much better game and this game does not get close to that level at all. This year I have found games like Gears 5 to be better overall as well.

I only mentioned split screen because this game is only good when playing with friends imo. And that mode is laggy as all get out when opening menus, and a lack of vertical just detracts from the overall product and experience.

Red dead 2 is the best horse riding game since Barbie horse adventure.

On a serious note, while the game is more polish, Except in the bug department , you have to dig hard to find any innovation.

Even small innovation like gun customization and crafting, as well as Iron Bear / pet/ drone customization would make the game so much better.

Yet they put customization on vehicles! Fo people care about them! Imagine if the effort are made to drones and iron bear!

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probably, i mean honestly what other game this year has been as important as borderlands 3? gears 5 was kinda… eh, rage did make a return (that no one was waiting for), and… what else?

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To play the devil advocate sort of thing, if you would have taken the time to 100% complete every zone, complete all challenges, and do every single side quest on your first play through, then none of it would be repeatable content to you, and it would have been a much lengthier play through, most likely closer to at least 50-60 hours, and still completing at least one play through of each Proving Ground and Circle of Slaughter, Slaughterhouse, etc will still at least give you a little bit more time to play and enjoy, and they are releasing new content for B3 every month they said, first content drop coming at the end of next month.

I am excited to try out Gears 5, I haven’t purchased it yet since B3 came out so close to it, but will most likely purchase it before the end of the year. But I will say, there isn’t much content there that isn’t repeatable in that game either. The campaign I read is about 25-30 hours at most, and then you have horde mode (which is similar in style to CoS in B3), Escape the Hive mode, and multiplayer, but if you don’t like repeatable content, then playing each map once will not net you much play time in that game either.

I suppose you can play player made custom maps created for the EtH mode, but how many will actually be really good I wonder? Not really sure about that, haven’t played it yet so can’t tell you on that.

Yes split screen is suffering performance issues for sure. I can agree with that, but playable, as my girlfriend and I beat the game with it. Vertical splitscreen is a personal preference, I prefer horizontal, but again, I understand wanting vertical for people who enjoy that and hope they add it in, but I am sure that they will, as it was a feature that existed in older versions of the game.

Borderlands 3 has plenty of competition from already released and well-received games, and some are yet to come.

Even in a vacuum, I’d struggle to allow an unfinished game earn that award. The developers themselves recognize the myriad complaints, and have only nebulous “looking into it” comments to give. Maybe if Borderlands 3 reaches perfect delivery before the end of the year, around November, in time to be considered… Even so, I struggle to reward that sort of release behavior with the highest industry praise.

Borderlands 3 may very well be my personal favorite game of the year, but if we’re taking Game of the Year awards seriously and not handing them out to just any AAA that wants a descriptor for their expansion bundle, I don’t think Borderlands 3 is deserving.

I’d prefer to see Kingdom Hearts 3, or another similarly polished, professionally released product, receive the award and recognition. I believe the Game of the Year award should be reserved for those games that act as models for the rest of the industry. I don’t want any game company to think it’s fine to release an unfinished game as long as they (maybe) fix it later.


It’s a good game, marred a bit by a bit of a weak story and technical bugs.

GOTY? Nah. I can’t see it beating RE2 or Sekiro.