Game of thrones/song of ice and fire *SPOILERS*

So talk about everything GOT related here. Rage about how long the next book is taking and how the show will soon pass the books.

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I just want WoW to come out.

C’com George R.R Martin, just sit down and write the thing!

I’m also really looking forward to the show.

WOW will not come out till 2016

I know, it sucks when the Sequal to a movie I watched this year is coming probably earlier than the Sequal to the book which came out in 2008(?)

Dance came out in 2011. I think 5 years between books is just piss poor

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Woah, so the show started before Dance came out, weird.

I started reading in 2012 (got 1st book for Christmas) then watched season 1, then Book 2, season 2, book 3, then Season 3 as it came out on TV then I read Feast and Dance.

It was a Glourious few months, but then I ran out of content until season 4, and now season 5. Honestly if it wernt for the show I’d have probably lost interest by now. I can’t imagine being someone who read AGoT in 96.

This seriers is (a month or so) older than me. It’d be like raising a kid who you only saw 5 times.

I… actually agree with this sentiment. I’m waiting for the show to come back and April… seems like a while but I’m sure the time will fly fast.

I think the wait between feast and dance was 6 years, but I may be mistaken. A quick wikipedia run says yep. Feast came out my senior year in high school, Dance came out in 2011.


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At first I thought World of Warcraft. Silly me.

and that’s way too long between books, george needs to get dragon software or something

The guy is pretty old too… is he going to finish his series before he passes on? :open_mouth:


Also relevant:


Don’t say that around Neil.

In reality I get it. It’s a touchier subject around writers since Jordan left us, and constantly speculating about someone’s health in regard to a fantasy series is… creepy. Especially around that period when people actually used the phrase “Pulling a Jordan”, like he was getting one over on us by dying.

That being said, all I can say is put it out of your mind and hope the book comes out.

IIRC, they said Dance wouldn’t come out the year it did. And then it just did.

So hopefully.

Here comes the post-mordem writer.

The next book would be out by now if George didn’t spend 9 pages describing a meal, and another 8 describing a dress.

Absolutely love the book and tv series though :wink:

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The next book would be out if he didn’t do 50 different side projects. It’s not the overly wordsness at all.

Lets see

Hedge knight
dangerous women
the world of fire and ice
though from a GOT
wit and wisdom something something…

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Oh yes, the side project curse… it is inevitable to those with creative minds.

new for season 5


not sure if true…

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