Game opens on the wrong monitor, doesn't detect my main display

I just started having this problem today. I have seven days played on this game and now I can’t get it to work on my main monitor. When I unplug my other monitor it launches on the right monitor but I can’t see my cursor. Gearbox please fix! All my drivers are up to date!

yeah i have my acer predator and my lg cx tv both plugged into my 1080 ti GPU the game starts fine and all, the game does get put on my tv which is what i want it to be, but when i click display, the only option i have to choose from is acer predator, which is my wide screen monitor. Some times when i go into the menus, my mouse gets thrown out of the game and onto the wide screen window and then i have trouble selecting things in game on my lg tv, as the cursor has not been thrown out of the game. I just cant seem to get the game to recognise my tv as generic PnP in game under display =/ what am i meant to do to fix this :frowning: