Game outputting HDR signal despite it being disabled

I have HDR disabled in windows. As such there is no option in game to enable/disable HDR. However, whenever I start Borderlands 3, it outputs and HDR signal to my monitor. I cannot find a way to disable this. Is there any sort of ini edit i can make to simply disable HDR output?


Edit %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini

set it to

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Interestingly enough, that was already set to fasel. But, when I set it to true, this issue went away. Thank you.

I had the problem that my HDR always, but always, no matter what I did, has turned off constantly. Yesterday it still worked great. Today I searched 8 hours for the solution, because the HDR has always turned off so weird and your solution was the BEST! Just made “True” and finally the damn HDR is constantly on.
You’re my Absolute Hero (^. ^) Thousand Thanks Rose … Really Thx

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I too am have having this issue. I have an AMD Radeon VII with an ASUS FreeSync 2 HDR monitor. I have HDR set to off in Windows 10., but when I enable FreeSync I can’t stop BL3 from sending an HDR signal to my monitor. This is a problem because the colors will look washed out from the HDR signal. I tried setting the bUseHDRDisplayOutput= line to “True” and “False” neither fixed my issue.
If I set it to True it will automatically revert back to False even if I set the GameUserSettings.ini file to Read-Only.