Game Performance has taken a nose dive ever since 2/14 update

I thought maybe it was the broken hearts event. So i struggled thru it, played only to get my hearts for my characters. Was happy it was over, didn’t play last night because life, but i fire it up again tonight and I’m still experiencing horrible performance issues. They were not there before, in fact my game only has small issues when opening my inventory, which seems universal for everyone. The combat was smooth, the reaction times seemed perfect and it was immensely enjoyable just running around looting and shooting.
It’s gotten to the point that i would rather not play. I’m doing a Zane playthrough and i just finished Fort Sunshine and I’m heading to V.C. and the combat was so atrocious that my reticle was getting stuck on prior enemies, my bullets seemed to have a delayed delivery when the reticle was responsive and again, froze up a couple seconds in the middle of a firefight with multiple enemies.
I just wish i could have my old game back. Is anyone else experiencing this? My playtime has gone from 3 hours to barely 1 a night because its become such a nuisance.

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The only performance change I’ve experienced (on XBOne) is an improvement to the character menus.

PS4, noticed the lag during broken heart event. Played a little Zane last night, didn’t notice it. But i am leveling up and wasn’t in much of what you could call intense combat.

I did lose some of my skill tree icons. but checked this morning before i sent a report in and they were back. See what happens when i get home from work tonight.

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Alright. I don’t see how it’s my Xbox, it’s running other things fine. I’ve tried a multitude of other things reccomended by the forums, like power cycling, hard reboot, clearing cache. Idk, was wondering if anyone else is experiencing it as well still but it appears not.
That sux. Thanx.

I still get hiccups when I run my Moze. Flakker + cloning maddening tracker + late round CoS = less than stellar smoothness. But even that isn’t as bad as what you are describing.

What are you running with your Zane, weapons/skills? And is it throughout the whole game, or in certain areas. I would like to try mimicking what is causing your issues.

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First I thought it was me imagining things and the menus always been laggy but yes.
Menu are worse than they were and in heavy fights there’s a lot of “stuttering” and lag.
Played Amarra with a static charge artifact (links shock dmg to nearby targets) equipped (+ a Face Puncher) it was almost unplayable in certain area. “Less bad” with more mundane gear but still noticeably more lag than before.

-edit- On PS4. I also notice increased lag with a Brainstormer which have similar effect than the stoic charge artifact.

If your on Xbox One X go to video settings and choose preformance over resolution, if it is already toggle it and it should resolve. Im sure it’s a bug because I have the same problem and I have to toggle this setting Everytime I play to stop the lagging.

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