Game play Level dropped


So, in TVHM, I played through the Get Frosty quest and it was at Level 41 (and it shows it as 41 in the completed quest box). I played through some more DLC then went back to do some farming of Mr Frosty. However, going back now everything in there, including Mr Frosty is in the mid 30’s. I’ve reset the game, changed characters, changed from TVHM to Normal and then back and nothing helps.

Any help would be appreciated.


What is your level?

In my experience in TVHM the Marcus dlc stays at the level you first played it, so if you did it at level 35 and then again at level 40, the loot will still be level 35 (Tinder Snowflake might be close to at at your level though). I’ve never done the loot train in normal so I wouldn’t know how that works but it in my limited experience of playing it in TVHM that seems to be the case. Apparently it only scales in UVHM…

I’m currently level 42 but I did the Marcus DLC first at 41. I was in it just a few days ago when it was 41. On the completed quest list, it’s still listed at 41.

When you played it through the first time at the higher level, was that your game, or had you joined someone else’s? Because that would make a difference (in TVHM, always going to be the host level). If you only play solo, then you can ignore this and I have no idea what happened to your game (unless you accidentally redid it in NVHM instead of TVHM).

Note that resetting your game only applies to UVHM - doesn’t have any effect on NVHM/TVHM.

Yeah, that’s what happened. Thanks for the info. I joined a friends game for the snowman, but I had stepped into the TVHM in the 30’s just to see what it was. No idea I was going to get screwed by doing so. Oh well.

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It’s not so bad. Enemies in TVHM aren’t so tanky that you’d need the loot train for gearing up and once you complete the main story I think the snowman and the train will scale up to level 50 like everything else so you can still use it to gear up for UVHM if you feel like it.

In addition to what @Lammas posted, in UVHM the gear will always level up with you. Don’t worry about the lower TVHM level too much, as there are plenty of other ways to get levelled gear relatively easily in TVHM.

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