Game play mechanics

Is there a game play mechanics discussion anywhere?

I am curious to hear what it will play like. I did not care for pre-sequel gun play. I prefer something like BL2. ADS look speeds were perfect in BL2. I am hoping for an ADS speed adjustment if it is too slow.

Any info or forum discussing this would be great.


well, game play was a bit different in Pre-Sequl cause you were on the moon Elpis. If it plays like the others, that is sweet. If there is some sort of travel to other planets that have different atmosphere play, then its also cool.

we wont know for sure how it will be until may 1 when we get a glimpse of the gameplay. on foot and on vehicles

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Got it…May 1st! Thanks. I hated how slow you turned while aiming down sights. Shotgun took 13 seconds to do a 360…way too slow to track an enemy running or even walking. Just hoping for a speed setting for ADS as well as look speed while not aiming down sights. or at least speed it up a bit…you know?

Did you read the descriptions of the gun companies?? Omg. They added features and I’m just so at a loss for words. Hyperion weapons will have shields? Maliwan will be able to switch elements? Torgue will have a switch between sticky and not. Just wow.

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What would be kind of fun is if there were some manufacturer specific weapon vending machines for each manufacturer as well. I liked the Torgue ones in BL2 and that Jakobs one in BL1.