Game play - PS3 vs XB1

Had some time to spare over the past month. Despite 2000 plus hours, never played Assassin so i took it for a spin, on a XB1 and a PS3 to see how different a 0-50 play through would go. All solo, no farming, limited to 10 golden keys, find and sell everything along the way, only Mercenary Day add on was played at level 23 and 43, with the same mission and optional quests sequence on both.

So as I hit the warrior at level 50 on both, with the sum total of 2 legendaries found along the way on both, (grenade and AR) . 15 runs on the warrior on each consoles gave me zero legendaries, except Jack’s face mask, not even a Flakker. Both ended up at about 4m in cash.

I’ve always wondered f the two played the same, and on my game versions, the only differences i found was that the PS3 loot disappears way faster than on the XB1, the XB1 had faster saves and something unique to my game download, I cannot get at the grenade mods at the vendor station (that’s a pain in the rear)

PS3 > XBOX (What were you thinking?) (Why did you do that!!!) :wink:

When we went from PS3 > PS4 version, we noticed that the enemy count was much higher and thus made the game harder. So from 6 to 9 enemy. The ‘Friendship Gulag’ turned into a very nasty place.

Did you not notice a difference in difficulty?

Had a fight with Sony over theirn poor technical support so I told them to tick their consols…LOL

Its funny, but just occassionally some crazy situations. Random is random i guess

At Control Core Angel just before the BUNKR, had 4 super badass loaders go after me after i downed the last constructor, followed by two level 50 loot midgets (I was level 45).
On normal mode, fighting the turrets just before Bunkr goes airborne, have never seen so many loaders swamp me for the entire sequence, i mean there were 10-15 loaders in action on the platform at the same time, for the whole duration.
Got Timba and Pimba to spawn every time. Never happened on the PS3.
Definately seemed like the severity had increased but everyone just says its random
I don’t know about PS4, but on the XB1 loot/ammo never disappeared like the PS3, so that was a huge bonus, especially in NVHM when you are still building up the ammo capacity.
Hitting the wrong button at the vending machine is a real bitch, as the PS3 and XB1 buttons are opposite…
I have only played solo, and just a fun player, so maybe its not such a big difference.

It’s weird to me that the differences would be so pronounced. I mean at some level, those are pretty slight differences, but when they incur an advantage in one system over another, that’s a big deal? Were they both running the game at the same frame rate (as in, did you notice a difference in fire rate?) As Zer0, get your hands on some Vladof Anarchist, a Stalker COM and Sheriff’s Badge relic, and see if you notice a difference in how fast they sling rounds.

Both the same in terms of game play. As for coms and relics, I kept things very simple the first time through, played as a sniper for the whole time, picking up the best sniper gear i could find. I think both has a 30% sniper damage relic and a stockpile relic. Always had a Muckamuck sniper and a vladof variant. Both had roughly the same gear.

My impressions throughout the game was they played the same, just the intensity (number, of level of) of the enemies seemed higher on the XB1

That was it, I actually found Assassin to be very easy to get to 50, although I cannot see it being very easy in UVHM as a sniper, given the health and shield regen rates.

But as they say, random is random…

This wasn’t playstation vs xbox (I would shut that down as a mod) but old gen vs new gen. I think the OP really shows the difference in the hardware, RNG is the same but the updated hardware really helps.

[quote=“Derch, post:6, topic:1156323, full:true”]This wasn’t playstation vs xbox (I would shut that down as a mod) but old gen vs new gen.[/quote]I didn’t even notice that (I just saw XB* and PS*). I take it the XB1 is newer than the PS3?

[quote=“smithoz2000, post:5, topic:1156323”]just the intensity (number, of level of) of the enemies seemed higher on the XB1[/quote]This would be a fairly large undertaking, but I don’t suppose you could record/publish video of the same areas on either system so we could see this difference?

Yeah it was xbox360 and ps3 for the old gen

New gen is xbox one and ps4.

It was a big leap in hardware for them.

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