Game Progress Bug

I beat the vault boss and progressed into True Vault Hunter mode after playing for another 2 hours tried to save and the game froze, i turned off the console and tried to play again today but i have the quest complete for killing the vault boss but im stuck in my previous world and cant find a way to start a new one can anyone help?

When you launch the game and enter the main menu screen, you should be able to hit “Y” (character select). After selecting your character, you should get a dialog box asking which mode you want to play.

As a side note, the game “remembers” which mode your last character was in, so if you just hit “Continue” that is what you will get.

If that doesn’t work, post again and I’ll prod my brain cells with more coffee to see if I can think of something else.

Ty for the quick reply ill check if its fixed once im home! Borrowed the game and beat it in 2 days and im loving it rn

Its fixed ty

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