Game progress not being saved

Hi guys…Could someone please enlighten me to what is happening with my game, this is for PC. I decided to start a new character (Sal) last week, and reached the point where Sanctury is in the air. Came back today to continue and found I am back to turning in the mission Train to catch, so I have lost all my level progress. Feeling a bit annoyed I continued and did it all again, saved and quit and checked all had been saved in game and yes all was there. Exit BL2 and shut down PC then return a few hours later, and guess what I have lost my progress again, and am back to turning in the Train to catch mission? What the hell!! Any of you guys Know whats happening here, I would really appreciate some help…Thanks

Had you switched the game to read-only mode for farming purposes? Either way, check what file permissions are on your save file.

Thanks for replying VaultHunter101…No I had not done that, but have now found out there was a conflict with my pc`s local game saves syncing with steams cloud saves. On launching the game I was prompted by steam to choose an option to rectify this, everything seems OK again now. Thanks again for your reply.

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Well I spoke to soon, have just launched the game to check all was OK, and you have guessed it I have lost all my progress again. This has never happened before, and I`ve put in 2802 hours of gameplay, this is so frustrating. Has anyone else suffered with this problem?

You’re on PC, right? Perhaps one of the @moderators could move this to the PC tech support section for better visibility?

I know that sometimes if the game thinks you’re not signed in to an account on Steam/PSN/XBL, it assumes it’s a temporary account and doesn’t save anything at all, but if that’s the case you should get a warning when you launch the session. Otherwise I’m not sure - maybe @Gulfwulf, @Adabiviak, @Omega59 or one of the other PC regulars would know?

Yeah, I turned off the Steam cloud sync for this reason. If I traveled from place to place or didn’t have my saves backed up manually, I might have tried to get that system to work, but you should be able to disable it and leave the save mechanisms to be handled locally.

Thanks for all your replies guys…Well I have not resolved the problem in fact it just seems a complete mystery, and I don`t know what to do ? It is the same problem on all my other games too, I have looked everywhere for answers on the internet and it seems a common issue. the most annoying thing it has made my games unplayable. Thanks again for all your help, I will keep searching for answers, and let you know what happens…Cheers guys!!

Looks like issues with Steam cloud sync have been around for a while, for example this thread from 2012 (!):

There’s more gory details too; I used “steam sync overwriting files” as search term. Best bet seems to be to do manual backups, and either avoid Steam cloud sync or always choose the “use local files” option if it reports a conflict.

This. Never, never enable it for Borderlands 2, it’s quite the problem, and also the reason I use a command line to set a different save path as well, just to feel extra safe. Add the launch options without quotes:

“-Nolauncher -SaveDataID=2”

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Oh wow… never knew there was a launch option to put it where you want. How does that command work? It seems like you’d need to point it at a directory or something.

So, your save directory goes to the same place as normal. But instead of having it set to your Steam ID like it normally does, it reads from the directory of the number you put in. I like 2, as it is extremely obvious, and can be picked out and I don’t believe Steam reads from that directory. Of course, this doesn’t work with the launcher still enabled (All it does is mess with your inis anyway).

Basically, it’s a command to override the SteamID used for the save file directory.