Game reacts in Alt+F4 in _other_ apps


There’s this problem I’ve been having with all 3 Borderlands games, both under WinXP and Win7: they react to Esc and Alt+F4 pressed with other windows active, so games either go off the pause, or close without any chance of saving. For example, I open Notepad, type something, press Alt+F4 to bring up “Save / Don’t save / Cancel” menu and the game, still in the background, closes. Another example: I go to YouTube to watch a short clip, press Esc to exit fullscreen mode, and after a while, I hear my character talking out of boredom cuz the game went off pause and I’m not in control.
Has anyone else ever encountered such behavior? Within my library (~100 games) no other game does that.

That’s very odd. No key combo should be affecting a background operation.

I have experienced that, but just worked around it; I just bury the game behind another program with ALT+Tab when switching windows so when I ALT+F4 to close the main window, BL2 doesn’t close, and I can ALT+Tab back to that because it’s still faster than using the mouse for any of this. :stuck_out_tongue:

If it makes a difference, I’m using Windows 10, but I’m pretty sure it’s a game thing.

Those key combinations specifically close the foreground application, but if you hold them down for a length of time, the keyboard will constantly re-send them to the OS, which will apply them to whatever program was next in the focus list. If you have a ton of windows open, and you press and hold ALT+F4 for a moment, the OS will try to close all the windows in order quickly, as one closes, the next in the focus list is up, it’s closed, all the way down to the desktop where it’ll cycle between shutting down Windows and shutting down the shutdown dialog.

The issue with BL2 is that it seems to ignore the keyboard repeat delay. If I tap ALT+F4, I get a moment to get my finger back off without the keyboard instantly re-sending that command, and the subsequent program remains on. If the subsequent program is BL2, it sees this keyboard command the instant the first program closes, regardless of the delay.

I can only add that games close with Notepad or YouTube still being active, not after they are closed.