Game requeriments are too high

The game requirements should include Intel i3…I mean i3, i5 and i7 release by the same time…tons of people still have an i3…
Paragon has better graphics and still runs on my computer and its a shame because I like Battleborn gameplay better.

nah~ I think they held back too much, they shoulda ramped up the game and increase the minimum requirements to an i7! its unfair that us with high end gaming rigs need to wait for other people to catch up while gaming companies are forced to dumb down their games to lower the bar known as “Minimum requirements”


If it means anything, my computer is vastly under-powered for this game if I were to go by minimum requirements (i’m talking sub i3 levels here), yet I was able to run the beta on fairly ok settings with a solid 50-60 fps most of the time. Minimum requirements are more like… a suggestion rather than a hard and fast rule.

I might add that the minimum requirements are usually the lowest settings that the developer knows for sure will run the game acceptably, doesn’t really mean that other less powerful setups won’t run the game.

Yeah exactly, there’s flexibility there and minimum req’s are merely the best case scenario for less than ideal setups.

I couldn’t :S it was horribly slow (and yes, I put everything on minimum)

Just because you can play a game X doesn’t necessarily mean you can play game Y based on “looks” alone, there are a lot of other factors that can interfere with your personal gaming experience. The possibility of having thousands of hardware combinations disposable to you while building a PC can be seen as a positive feature but it can also create a lot of problems that are impossible to foresee to both you and the developers.

Some hardware+random software mixes are problematic and while they can function with 90% of the games you play and own, it can also break when you try to play a particular game because in the end they all use different code bases and a plethora of different libraries and 3rd party software.
It’s just the nature of PC gaming and one of the disadvantages of the platform against the unified systems that consoles offer.

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Sorry to hear it didn’t work out :frowning:

I sat between 70-90fps during crazy teamfights in the beta, and usually ran at 110+ during quieter times.

I had a friend with a similar setup to mine who tried the beta out and couldn’t get it to grind along at anything higher than ~20fps, regardless of in-game settings.

@danielsilvanet has it right: sometimes it’s your hardware’s specs, but sometimes it’s not, and unfortunately with how complex PCs are it can be difficult to point to a specific cause of the poor performance. :disappointed_relieved:

The requirements are really low as they are now. It would be strange if they were any lower. Paragon was developed on the Unreal Engine 4 by the guys that created the Engine. It’s only logical for the game to look and run better. Paragon is practically a game designed to show the power and the performance of UE4, that was the whole reason it was created.

Well, I think that at the end its better to own consoles to play games, PC are problematic and I’m tired lol

Consoles are indeed more relaxing. They are also cheaper to maintain if you do not play many games per year.

What’s this “better graphics”?

Buddy, Battleborn is an entirely different style, you can’t say that the graphics are better on paragon, when it is already more realistic than the stylized Battleborn.

That’s like saying the Adventures of Tintin has better graphics than toy story 3, entirely different styles pal.

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if your games are running poorly on low graphic settings and you have a fairly decent computer. chances are your playing with a polluted disease ridden under cared for louse of a machine. If you are not exactly computer savvy there are a few tricks to get a better performance out of your rig.

  1. check your Task manager. see how many programs are running in the background. see what your CPU is wasting processing power on.

Things like malware, viruses, Trojans will be using your computer resources slowing it down. and if you don’t pay attention to such things, your computer is gunna get sluggish.
^ above is usually a big problem if you…
A) browse for torrents :wink:
B) browse for porn :smirk:
C) let others use your computer :weary:

BUT! malicious things aside, programs you installed yourself that you don’t close will slow you down, internet explorer, active virus protection, Steam and Steam-like copycats (close all but the one you are currently using) torrent programs, apps, and whatever other useless junk people like to install on their rigs.

then there is generally the plethora of useless active crap that windows has running in the back background. Your gunna need to search for that based on your OS. Not a big deal if you have a good CPU, but if your trying to scrape every bit of speed from your cpu, its usually a good idea to turn off a lot of the useless extras that are installed in windows. and there are usually lots of articles that will tell you what each thing does and if you really need it.

Best thing you can do is research all the processes in your Task manager and see which ones you can END.

of course this is something most of us hardcore gamers will do just to get those extra 2-3 FPS :sunglasses:

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anything gaming device is cheap to maintain if you do not play games much…

I don’t agree. Even if you play 3 demanding games a year, you still need to upgrade every 2 years or so. But that’s another subject entirely.

Yup :
For the Open beta I use 2 computer :
one with only 4Go ram and 512 Vram : and PVP work at 70 FPS without trouble…
(powerfull CPU,F****ing good motherboard chipset…)(but game crash in PVE on this computer )
And after one or 2 private party on PVP ,I see the game run on this one I will play PVP on the 4go Ram Computer…
(Because the other one is my fiancee’s computer).

So minimum Requirement…Are really just a theory…

People tend to forget how a Computer work indeed : PC mean a standart:
A Sata III port work with all Hard drive with Sata III (and Sata II).

And if you want to play for less money on PC : upgrade it yourself…
Or built it yourself , the only thing that make your gaming machine cost you more (but there a price wall) is the Os (for gaming : no choice : windows -_-"""", even if Steam work on linux Most of AAA product will need Direct X …so windows).

But if you have a Powerfull CPU, you need less Ram,
If your computer have a Powerfull graphic card but a ■■■■■■ motherboard and not powerfull enough CPU : yeah…useless graphic card… (most of the “supermarket’s computer” are built like this) .

So All the Req thing is theory, pure and simple theory…

a) that’s not maintenance, that’s upgrades.
b)if you upgrade your computer every 2 years, your wasting money. Technology hasn’t improved much in recent years, its become more compact or efficient, but graphics haven’t made significant advancements. you can upgrade your rig every 4 or 5 years and still run most games at max graphics. you can go 8-ish years with no upgrades if you don’t mind running newer games on high/med settings instead of Max. and that’s just graphics cards.

Power sources, Ram, motherboards, HDDs can last a lot longer, unless there is an update that changes connectors that require you to upgrade multiple parts

Paragon has a TON less going on. Just a few minions and characters. Battleborn has much more frequent effects, varied creeps and environment, etc. System requirements are why I play on console too so if you have access to one, go for it.

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Oh yeah, Consoles are much better for someone like me, who doesn’t have the patience to shop around for parts, too.