Game reviewers make me sick

I know these games are completely different but this is why you should never trust reviewers ever.

I’ve played both Battleborn and Overwatch extensively and Battleborn is the better game innovation and gameplay-wise. Overwatch is just a very well polished TF2 clone… yet it’s getting 10/10’s from most “professional” reviewers.

It’s good to know how most of Blizzard’s money went towards bribing game reviewers.


You say that Overwatch is just a “very well polished TF2” which is itself an excellent and well polished game. Why wouldn’t it receive good reviews? It’s a very well done game.


I want to know why when I google Battleborn, overwatch is at the top of the page.


overwatch is also spammed in Cnet news and makes front page on imgur often

fan boys be everywhere


do you google overwatch a lot also? then thats why


I have never played overwatch or googled it before, but i just tried googling battleborn and it popped up at the top. under the link it said ad, so maybe overwatch paid to do that? not sure. i thought it was a joke till i tried it myself

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i just noticed that website tossed in a washington post review. that gave it a negative review. what they heck is WP reviewing games for and why did that site included it.

" Battleborn is an okay shooter " washington post

that review should be excluded for that line alone


Metacritc is a cesspool, you know?

You don’t even need an account to leave reviews, good or bad. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a week or month from now, the user score is like 40.

I also love the childish notion that every positive review of a game must be bought. Of course, it happens, I’m not saying it doesn’t, but everytime someone has a game they like that doesn’t do well…and another does…of course it’s bribes. Not just that more people like the other game.

I’d take a moment to look at those “User” reviews. Ignore all 9s, all 10’s, all 0’s, 1’s, and 2’s. They’re all trash.

Same holds true for Battleborns. You go to user reviews. Click on the “Negative” section, and read them. “Cons: Overwatch, Blizzard game” That’s all they say.


Not sure i’d give it 10/10, but it is a lot of fun and seems well made so far. However lack of content and price would put it around the 8/10 mark in my eyes.

ahem, blizzard, i sed nice things, i want my moneys now


Polish alone doesn’t deserve 10/10s


I never google Overwatch. Even if I did it wasnt what I searched for.


Does any game deserve 10/10?

I mean, I’d say Half-Life is my favorite FPS ever, because of the modding community. Everything about that game, I love, it’s singleplayer, it’s multiplayer, the mods, the communities it had…and I’d love to say it’s a 10/10 game, not everyone would.

I mean, 10/10 implies a game is -perfect- and really, is any game perfect?

The thing is, reviewers are humans, just like me or you, the ones who do this for a living enjoy the game and review it based on if they like it. Only way to, really.

I dislike Call of Duty, past Modern Warfare, they just did the same thing every year. Yet, it got 9/10, or 10/10 from big publishers. No, I don’t think they were paid for. I think those reviewers enjoyed the game.

That’s what these reviews are…reviews of their experiences with the game. They don’t care about details of it having been done before, they review it on how they like the game on their own list. So if they think it’s one of the funnest games they ever played, and give it a 10/10 - that may just be how they feel about it. Just because say, you played TF2 and think OW is a TF2 clone, so you think OW sucks(Plenty of these people, I’ve seen), doesn’t mean the reviewer feels that way too. Maybe he didn’t play TF2, or even if he did, his experience with the game was different.

Basically, stay open minded and realize it’s not a reviewers job to give a game the score YOU want it to have, it’s their job to write how they enjoy the game.

Also, I’m googling Battleborn and not seeing Overwatch on even the first two pages, let alone at the top, and I search OW all the time…so yeah.


As you said… It’s well polished. I tend to say OW is 75% polish, 25% actual content. And I include skins, taunts, etc in the polish.
It’s clean, crisp, readable, accessible, easy to understand, maybe not that hard to master, and in the direct line of Blizzard’s latest products that I dubbed “My First xxx” with xxx being the genre of the game. OW is “My First Shooter”. Something that you may want to quit to try and push further at some point.
Is OW fast, fun, and looks good ? Yeah, it is. Will it be enough to get people to play intensively for more than a week ? I don’t know. Will it retain its population? Probably not.

But yeah, I pointed out how some of our “professionnal reviewers” gave some cons to Battleborn that are painfully real for OW too. I entirely, 99% expect these very sames cons from being suspiciously absent from any and all Overwatch reviews. Example, Battleborn PVE was deemed poor and insufficient, which it may arguably be. I’m quite sure OW complete lack of PvE will be mentionned in passing but won’t make it into any kind of cons, meaning that it’s just better to not do a PvE mode than go the extra mile and risk doing an average PvE mode.
Basically, it’s better to deliver a game with less content.

I don’t think I could believe any 10/10 reviews. OW is far, damn far from being perfect. Especially with such a price tag… And in the end, I feel it’s empty, so empty…


people still take reviewers seriously when theres tons of ways to try and find anything out about a game for free lol


Couldn’t have said it better myself! I often times play a game with meh reviews and end up loving it, but that is just me.

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I can think of 10/10 games easily (and no 10/10 does not mean a perfect in my book, means absolutely worth your time). Perfect games do not exist so it’s meaningless to have 100% signify perfection.

My 10/10s:

  • Mass Effect Trilogy
  • Half Life & Half-Life 2
  • Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
  • Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • Fallout 3 GOTY
  • Max Payne
  • Severance: Blade of Darkness

and many more…


I’m honestly not at all surprised at the rave reviews Overwatch is getting, nor am I surprised at the “meh” reviews Battleborn has received.

Overwatch is a well-polished, easy-to-play, and frankly very fun shooter. It’s easy to enjoy it straight from the start as it is fairly simple and straight-forward. Battleborn on the other hand is a much more complex, strategic, and difficult to learn game. It makes sense that reviewers who are pressured to put out reviews in a few days will favor Overwatch over Battleborn, which takes hours of play time to fully understand and enjoy.


Except most Battleborn reviews didn’t actually start appearing till a week after. Overwatch reviews are already live from many big reviewers.

I do agree with you in that the reviewers probably suck at the game though lol

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This x 9000. This is an apparent problem in current game reviews. Consistency and objectivity are done away with in favour of opinion. There is no issue with opinion, in fact this will be essentially what drives most people to pick one thing over another or both. But it is irresponsible journalism, particularly when most major gaming publication sites have run numerous articles on Overwatch vs Battleborn comparisons and which one is for you, to then deduct points from one because of certain “flaws” and completely gloss over them for another.

Unfortunately, I’m not surprised at the outcome of these reviews so far. I expect better but won’t hold my breath.

This isn’t just a game thing though…
It’s the way our society functions unfortunately…

Especially even more so with the world literally in the palms of everyone’s hands now (social media, Internet, phones)…

We crave popular and unpopular opinion…

We tell ourselves ‘I don’t care much for this show’, yet tune in to watch it so we aren’t the one not being able to talk about it at school/work/wherever…

Even this other game…

Do we care much for it? Do we think it’s better?
Obviously not a popular opinion on this forum, yet we all can’t stop talking about it…

Too many have swayed from the oath of being able to form their own opinion…
No one seems to simply just live by it anymore…
Rather they try to enforce it upon others…
Because it doesn’t get attention, likes, even dislikes, and general social conform…

Even bad press is good press, they say…

but good press is the best press…
Because it’s the best kind of brain washing for our ‘no longer cares to think for themselves’ consumerist society.