GAME SAVES -- EVERYONE, PLEASE READ! Trying to help you out here!

Hi everyone;

It’s time for a discussion that’s been had in a few topics here and there, usually when it’s too late to help the victim of a bug or glitch.

I’m talking about protecting yourself against accidental game save deletion or corruption. Look, given how complex the computer code is in a AAA title as long and complex as a Borderlands game, bugs and glitches are inevitable. They happen. There’s no avoiding it, not when a game’s code can be 70 GB or more of data!

But when a glitch or bug happens that either corrupts, or completely deletes your game save, you can and probably WILL lose dozens of hours of gameplay, and all that rare, Legendary gear you farmed so long and hard for! And this is nothing new, EVERY game in the series has had occasional glitches that could corrupt or delete your game saves.

In fact, it became such a big problem on both BL2 and BL: The Pre-Sequel, that Gearbox issued game updates on both games that made the games AUTOMATICALLY create and maintain a Secondary, Emergency Backup Save File that the game could automatically use to recover your save if the main save became corrupt or deleted! The Devs really SHOULD HAVE kept that in for Borderlands 3, and they really need to implement it as soon as possible, but I digress…

So, here’s what you need to do TODAY, IMMEDIATELY, IF NOT SOONER!

  1. If you play on Xbox One, make certain your Xbox Live Cloud Saves are turned ON. And pray to whatever Gaming Gods you pray to that IF a glitch happens, you’ll be able to recover your save from the Cloud Saves. With Xbox One, it’s the only option available, and unlike on the Xbox 360, you can’t manually go in and upload or download game saves between your local hard drive and the Cloud Save server at a time of your choosing, at least as far as I can tell. So you’ll have no way to know how recent, or how old, the Cloud Save is. It’s that way with all the modern Cloud Save services from what I can tell, as the Epic Games Launcher doesn’t seem to let me directly control their Cloud Save service, either.

  2. If, however, you play on either PC, Mac, or PlayStation 4, there’s another step you need to start taking RIGHT AWAY! You need to get yourself a USB external drive of your choice. It can be a cheap USB key, something very affordable from Wal*Mart, or Target, or Best Buy, or wherever. Or you can use an external Hard Disk Drive, or an external Solid State Drive, whatever you like. The type of drive isn’t as important as having something you can use.

  3. Get that drive inserted into a USB slot on your system, get it properly formatted to work for your system, and then find your game save files on your system’s hard drive!

  4. I can’t tell you where they are on a PS4, or on a Mac, but on Windows 10 you’ll find them at This PC > Documents > My Games > Borderlands 3 > Saved > SaveGames. In that folder, you’ll find another folder with a really long string of letters and numbers as the name. THAT’S where your saved game files are stored! You’ll find 1 numbered file for each character, a Profile Save, and if you’ve used the Quick Save button command, you’ll find a Quick Save File. Copy ALL of them, and then open your external drive and paste them into it! Now your game saves are backed up, just in case!

And you need to REGULARLY back them up! I now do this after just about every play session. I actually have 4 backup files, and I rotate between them, like we used to do in the old days when RPGs automatically created multiple save files for us to use! This way, if something gets screwed up by a glitch, I can recover from my last good save.

For the Love of Scooter, protect yourself and all the time you’ve invested into this game! Start backing up your saves, because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. IF your game save gets corrupted or deleted and you DON’T have your own backup on an external drive, the ONLY way it can be recovered is if, and ONLY IF your Cloud Save is older than the messed up save file, but there’s no guarantees of that. Numerous players that have experienced one of these glitches have found out the hard way that the Cloud Saves backed up the corrupted file right after it happened. And there’s absolutely NOTHING that Gearbox or 2K can do to help you recover your game saves. The Cloud Save services aren’t operated by them (if they were, they’d presumably make that a feature of the SHIFT Account you have) so they have no access to those files.

So don’t be lazy, or apathetic, thinking it won’t happen to you. Because it can, and probably will, sooner or later. I was playing these games for 9 years before it happened to me the first time last year. BUT, because I had backed up my game saves, I WAS able to recover back to my last good save… but I DID lose the mission completion I had just done, and at least one Legendary weapon I got as a quest reward. But it could have been so much more worse than that. So plan ahead, plan for the worst, and protect yourself. That’s the best advice I can give you.

Oh, and my apologies to anyone playing BL3 on the Stadia, I don’t know anything about that system, so I don’t know if you can backup your game saves at all on there. Someone else will have to tackle that one. But the same principles apply as outlined above. Backup your game saves any way you can. If Cloud Saves is all they give you, at least use that. But if you have an option to backup on a separate drive, do that. For the love of Moxxxi, do that, please!

I hope this helps. Stay safe and healthy, stay at home right now unless you’re an Essential Worker (given what’s going on in the offline world,) and enjoy some Borderlands, Vault Hunters! :vulcan_salute: :slightly_smiling_face:


Well I learned my lesson the hard way when I lost my first Zane at lv53, now I do two usb backups

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On PS4 you can either save Files on an USB-Stick or you can Use the Cloud, both works fine.

My friends save file is actually “corrupt”, its a save file from when it first released on Epic I believe, he’s stuck on the first vault quest lol.
I personally joined him AND invited him, nothing worked to get his quest to progress, there really needs to be a restart quest, or FORCE CHECK for completion, and if completion IS true then the system will FORCE the quest to progress.

EDIT: To clarify, not because I was asked to but just incase. The quest got stuck back when he was actually playing the game, and not that it got corrupted because he hasn’t played for however many months, as in, its not some patch or hotfix that caused the quest to freeze.

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Thank you for the warning! One question: if on xbox one, sounds like i cannot play if i am not connected to the internet? if so, that is very troubling.

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You can still play without being connected. You won’t get any hotfix updates of course, and your local save won’t be backed up on the cloud servers, but you can still play.

Xbox1 will only update the cloud save when you completely exit the game, or sign out of your profile. If you are online it will sync that cloud save when you sign in and get to the main title page in the game with your profile.

The only save file management offered on the Xbox1 is deleting local and/or cloud save files. There’s no way for another backup type.

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Can confirm, if data doesn’t exist in at least three different locations (hard drive, usb, and cloud) then it doesn’t really exist at all in any meaningful sense of the word.


Honestly this is a very helpful post, appreciate it…

I’ve a question though, many posts mentions something about .tmp file for each .sav file… In my case I don’t find any .tmp file inside save folder any ideas?

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Thanks you reminded me of the batch file I created for Borderlands 3 to combat this long ago. I just made a new one for TTW since I just started playing that and you reminded me about this. If anyone wants a quick and easy way to automate this backup process (on PC) with a .bat file here is a copy of my .bat file contents:

Use notepad to start creating a document and add the following info (but you will need to insert your own path to your save files and backup file location):

@echo off
set backup=xcopy /s /c /r /y

echo ### Guarding against Borderlands corrupted save file fuckery...
%backup% "C:\path\to\your\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\SaveGames\<long string of numbers>\*.sav" "C:\path\to\your\Desktop\B3_backups\"

echo Anti file fuckery complete!


After adding that text with the appropriate path to your save/backup file locations you need to save the file as a .bat file instead of a .txt file. This will save all save files in that folder even if you have a bunch of alts. Because of this I would advise creating a directory to backup the files to so they don’t just get dumped randomly on your desktop or something. In the above example I have a B3_backups folder on my desktop that the files get backed up to.

Just for clarity when you run this .bat file (by double clicking it after you create it) it will copy the save files in your game directory and paste them into your backup directory and overwrite whatever is in there so there is only ever one backup instance of each game save file at a time. I normally would just run this after playing the game and only if I successfully exited the game (not after a crash or anything weird).

IMPORTANT: It should also be noted that if you are doing this for say B3 and TTW you need to create 2 batch files with 2 different backup locations or at least 1 batch file that saves to 2 different backup locations. The reason for this is that the save files don’t use unique names. If you have 1 character in each game the save file will be “” for BOTH games. So if you try saving them to the same directory you will just overwrite one game with the other game which would NOT be good.

DISCLAIMER: This info is provided “as is” so you must use at your own risk! It works for me so if you don’t know what you are doing and somehow destroy all your data or open up a wormhole that destroys the world that is not my fault!

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