Game says needs update but won't update or start

Upon inserting the disc the system says it needs to finish the update before I can play. No problem, IF it would update. I’ve checked four times. It’s not updating, installing and there is nothing even qued to do so. At this moment the game is beyond unplayable, it won’t even start.

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I’m having the same problem did anyone find a way to fix this

Ok so rebooting did nothing. RESTARTING on the other hand kicked the update right on! Credit to a redit post on this one.

I just installed borderlands 3 via disk on my xbox one, it has asked me for an update which is apparently 39GB however when I select update it keeps failing, I’ve tried restarting my xbox, I’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled the game, my download speed is good, and I know my xbox live is good as I’m able to play online games. I don’t know what else it could be other than a knackered game. Can anyone suggest a way to fix this? , I only got the game yesterday.