Game scaling in UVHM

Ok, so I get that the creatures scale to your level. Just to clarify, does it preference the Host’s level or the highest on the team?

Say the host is 55 but an OP3 joins in. Does that mean the enemies will scale up? Average? Or they will just be bullet fodder for 1 shotting?

Highest level player. So if the host is just starting UVHM at 53, and a level 72 op 8 player joins, the host is toast…

This is different to NVHM/TVHM, where it’s always the host’s level.

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Now, here is a twist:

Say UVHM level 53 is already fighting Terramorphous. The battle has already started and he has already spawned at (say) level 55.

OP8 joins the game in progress. Does Terra stay at 55 or does the game immediately ignore all previous damage done and bump him up to OP8 health?

I believe I’ve done this before helping someone out, I think that as long as he is spawned before the OP 8 jumps in that he will stay the level of the Host, now if the host dies before you get to the battle with your OP toon that it may be possible for Terramorphous to scale up to the higher player

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Be interesting to know what happens if all players get knocked out of the arena at the same time. Not sure I want to be the lowest level player though!

agree, but it would be cool to find out for sure what actually does happen

I’m willing to bet Terra stays at the low level even then. He gets his health back but doesn’t actually respawn, does he?

If it’s already spawned, it stays at that level. However, being on an OP level has no effect (unless the host started up the game in an open level) then it just raises it to 72.

So here’s what I did and what I found out:

PS3: level 61 Zero

Summon Terra and haul *ss to the hiding spot behind the rock.

Wait until he spawns. Level 63. Still clueless to my existence, since he never actually saw me.

Split screen, join in with 72 Gunzerker. I’m crossing my fingers, hoping this will be fish in a barrel. Drop down the hole. He stays 63. Sweet! This will be over pretty quickly. HOWEVER, when I start shooting at him, it doesn’t even scratch him. Apparently his health scaled.

Oh boy.

He slams me, point blank range, and just knocks my shield down a bit. Whaaaaa?

Apparently, he ranks his health up, but his damage stays the same as level 63.

This is very clever. It allows the 61 player to stay alive (or as much as he would, taking hits from a scaled Terra), but also doesn’t let a 72 come in and wreck things.

Very interesting. So, to answer the question, his “official” number stays the same. Health scales with the highest toon. His damage does not seem to scale.

He won’t reset until you reset, so if he is spawned and a player joins of higher level it won’t have any effect.

The value of his health increases for two player.

i thought that stuff didn’t apply to raid bosses, because they where always 4 player.

No, Terramorphous gets a 15% health increase per player.

I think the 4-player raid boss health thing only applies to the DLCs; Terra was in the original game (capped at 50).

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Well, I had a level 72 gunzerker pounding on a level 64 Terra, with a 72 bee-hawk. He was barely scratching Terra’s health.

That was definitely more than a 15% increase.

Just saying what I saw.

He wasn’t a good Gunzerker then.

Relative question, what’s the highest an enemy can scale to? Because way back when, I ran into an enemy that I swear read as “Lv118 Super Ultimate (or Ultra) Badass …”,and think it was a Loot GOD-Liath.

If you were level 72, a levelled-up goliath could potentially be as high as level 78 I think? Usually they start at +2. I don’t know how you’d get a level 118 anything (at least, not on console anyway)

Highest you can ever get is Iron GOD at OP 8. Level 92. You do only 0.8% damage to him or so IIRC.

It was on console in online co-op. I know for sure because I only got console, and I immediately messaged one of the guys about it after bugging out. As for what I may’ve seen, if 92 is about the highest, I guess I might’ve seen overlapping numbers. Still, can you imagine…?

101, I've been assuming that OP8 is technically Lv80 (sans the extra 8 SPs), and would like to know if that is correct, or a little short.

There’s also one other thing I would like to know. It is 101 that player count makes the enemies stronger, and that UVHM scales enemies to the strongest player, although my technical understanding is that it’s just above the strongest player in the session. If the strongest player in a 2/3/4-man session is Lv72, about how far above him doe enemies scale, and how adversely does it affect damage I/O* for anyone below Lv72? Relatively, I ask the same question for any OP level.

*I/O=incoming/outgoing, better read as reception-vs-return; analogical visual comparison of this would to a water level:

This is because of a Bloodshot Stronghold (UVHM) run where I ran with two other guys, all of us at (or just shy of) Lv65, and some guy that listed as Lv72 (although he might’ve possibly been OP) jumps in right after we kill Mad Mike – we e had a fairly level damage I/O in the room with the shielded chest, giving as good as we got…and run into a massive shield-wielding Lv79 Nomad in the next where we take instant>successive/simultaneous casualties while returning crap damage because the I/O was so adverse it was damn near vertical.