Game Screen Flashing with Colors

Since yesterday, my game has randomly flashed with colored shapes all across the screen. I’m not sure why it’s happening, but it also seems to mainly happen after pressing select to check the score, I’ll try to post a video of it, but has anyone else ran into this?

Something like this happened to me years ago when I played WOW. I think it was a my GPU overheating which led to its death.

Did you eat a Miko?


It’s ONLY on battleborn though, and I was able to record a clip with it in the clip so I’m assuming it’s my TV. Is there a way to upload a video from xbox onto the forums?

If you go for the option to share it to Twitter and post it, it posts a link. You can then copy and paste that link elsewhere.

If you have Twitter, that is.

I’m also experiencing this, only on BB. It’s like a damn kaleidoscope exploded on my screen some times. It starts even with out checking the score.

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