Game seems dead in Australia already

With the game going on sale for 40% off with the release of Overwatch myself along with everyone else I have talked to are feeling really cheated about buying the game early.

Balance and design for both PVE and PVP, maps, characters, medal requirements etc are really bad, and seem to say how little Gearbox understand what gamers want from a game.

I have been waiting in queue for over half an hour now for Meltdown (one of the most popular modes) at 5pm (in Australia). The game already seems dead here, and with the apparent lack of thought and care behind the design of Battleborn I am hardly surprised.

If you don’t agree, or agree, or just have something to add - please comment.

I will have it be known that I found a match in Incursion within 5 minutes, so there is that. Just meltdown and capture that are hard to find.

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Numerous (and endless) threads on pricing allready in existence:

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His thread isn’t on pricing, it’s on lack of players. Pricing was a sidenote.
I’m terrified that’ll happen here, as well. I love this game and want it to flourish. I’ve been excited for two freaking years for it… But I’ve noticed less of the same players lately, so I think it might actually be growing here. I played a lot with the same 10 people over the first couple weeks. Which was cool, because I got to learn their play styles, but sad because game must live!
Platform matters, too. I play ps4, which apparently has the biggest community