Game seems really hard compared to last gen

now i dont want to hear that i suck at video games because i beat borderland 2 before and all the dlc but i just got this today and everything is running smooth love this game but for some reason the game is really hard i cant even get past the part where you have to kill the midget on the bullowmog i get killed every 5 secs literally. like i said i played this on ps3 a dozen times and beat the game maybe 2 to 3 times and never had this problem before if anyone can help me that would be great because like so many here i love this game thanks in advance to anyone that helps me

The difficulty seems exactly the same to me. I know the controls were hard to get used to i kept hitting the wrong buttons. I was used to the way the ps3’s shoulder buttons were set up.

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2 things.

The midget riding the bullymong is actually a tough battle early in the game. I usually went back to it when I was higher level or I saved it for later playthroughs.

Secondly, are you at 0/low bad ass rank? Those boosts really add up.

And maybe you played that mission in coop before? It’s certainly easier that way.

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I had the same problem too but I think its the frame rate, it runs much faster so it’s a bit difficult to aim. It’ll just take time to get adjusted. I’m at level 14 now and finally getting the hang of the aiming.

A couple things.

Check your sensitivity settings (options, gameplay, horizontal, veritical, and aiming sensitivity.) I really like them low.

Second see if your auto aim is turned off/on. You could be used to it one way from the other game and it is the opposite in this one.

Third, agree that Bullymong is pretty tough early game.

Fourth, agree that without BAR and loyalty rewards, first playthrough with first character even can be more that you are expecting. Hopefully with a little patience and more playing it will become more relaxing and fun.


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Ok thanks guys for all your help

I’m definitely noticing the lack of BAR making things a lot tougher. Reloading is way slower, fire rate slower, etc. I uploaded my 72 Siren and got thrashed in my first encounter.

I really hope they get that patch for the missing BAR soon. Getting BAR back manually isn’t hard, just a time sink.

I had all my badass points transfer over but i played before using any of them. And i didn’t notice any difference.

Can I ask what kind of BAR rank you had? Mine was nowhere near massive as some peoples, but it was pretty hefty. Definitely hefty enough to make a noticeable difference. Could be my OCD kicking in, too though.

43,000 i had about 380 points transfer over. So i was getting atleast 12 percent or more buffs to alot of things. Which does make a difference at level 72.

That’s about where I was. I think high 30,000’s. I also haven’t played since just before TPS came out, so it might’ve been more me being rusty with the controls than anything.

That could be it. But im sure the ba points do make a difference. I just didnt really notice it to much.

The early difficulty changes a lot depending on the guns you find early. Usually Midgemong is rough for me, but this time i got a good fire pistol early and wrecked him.

first time playing borderlands ever have a level 18 mechromancer I died once and not because of the midget bulliwog boss. The game can be tough for me but it is still very forgiving compared to many other games so I am enjoying it.

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This makes no sense. Bad framerate makes it harder to aim, good framerate doesn’t make it harder to aim.

It always tends to be harder when starting fresh because you don’t have your bad ass points to had previously (assuming you’ve started over). These do make a considerable difference when you get your ba points high enough.