(Game Spoiler, don't open unless you completed game or something)

WTH is with our sirens, supreme beings, yet Lilith/Maya, didn’t have any epic ass face off’s with the 2 enemy sirens, they basically was just held and let themselves get drained, no fight, nothing, they both pretty much just whacked the parasite and got owned.

(just completed first vault)


But Troy could leach off his sister, they should’ve took the context in to consideration, if he can leech from one siren, why not another, sure lilith underestimated Tyreen, yet while Tyreen had her by the throat, she didn’t even try to fight back, and well couldn’t Maya let go of Troy? or is it like some kind of thing that prevents them from letting go?

Well i must say it’s definetly a dissapointment how the cutscenes turned out because as ya know, supposed to be one of the most powerful beings

have you ever been winded?
i picture it like that
the moment they got you all your limbs fall weak. you loose all power

and tyreen is shown shes already leeching liliths power as shes using it to defend herself
just like when the gernade goes off and tyreen absorbs it. its not just living things, its power in general. all sirens powers seem 1 sided but they grow and develop over time. it was a turning point for tyreen when she ate a grenade, it showed shes more

Once they got the succ, I think it’s fine that they are essentially silenced due to their abilities/energy being drained.

What I don’t understand is how these veteran sirens with godlike powers aren’t shooting fireworks, teleporting, phaselock n ruining and etc. Lilith and Maya are OP at this point in the story, and yet they literally fight like the level 1 versions of themselves while being disarmed. They both use one ability each just to knock Troy down lol

None of it makes sense.

Its best to ignore it and just shoot your guns.