Game still active?

How active is bl2? I played on xbox and want to come back since bl3 is a disappointment. Although i havnt tried tps or the latest bl2 lvl 80 dlc. Tps or come back bl2?

The Lilith dlc added more levels and 2 more OP levels which I felt was a breath of fresh air. If you loved bl2 its strongly advised to rekindle that flame. :wink:

I’m biased because I didn’t like TPS much, so I’d say BL2.
The Lilith DLC is fun, and getting your “old” OP characters up to level 80, with new skill points, is fun. I still play it.

Though I will admit the thought of taking a new character to level 80 is kinda daunting to me because of the “dead work” to get there. I usually finish UVHM at level 57-58, and that means gaining 22 levels to reach max without story, just doin’ random stuff.

Due to BL3 boredom / disappointment, I’m back in BL2 and often play with / see others on matchmaking, so I think there is still active interest in BL2 still.

About the thought of starting a new character, you now have the ability to start directly at level 30 (just before the last fight of playthrough 1).
This ability has been added by the “Lilith” DLC and enables players that are already familiar with the game to skip PT1.

And I’ll just add here because I don’t like it (and they “fixed” it in BL3), your starter level 30 character does not have access to the shared stash, so you’ll play through The Talon of God with weapons you buy or find.
Not a big deal, it’s still pretty straightforward to end the game and get to TVHM fast. Just annoying to those of us hoarders who have many weapons we like to pass on to new characters.
Here’s my take on it from jun '19;
Answered this on another thread, but may as well put it here too.
No, you do not start in TVHM. You start in NVHM with all story mode missions complete up to Talon of God , so you still have to finish the Warrior.
You also start with a bunch of sub-impressive green weapons and (for Maya) the (to me) useless Lascaux (or however you spell it).
You have 26 skill points to spend.
You have two bumps to all ammo SDUs and 12 more eridium, again, in typical play I’d be far above that, time to farm eridium.
You get $240,000 in cash, which is OK.

Oh, and since your boosted character has done NO sides that means simple things like the Sanctuary intro missions (like Clappy’s stash, meeting Zed, Tannis, and so on) are not done yet. Urgle. Let’s see if they’ve made those cut scenes skippable though…NOPE, still have to put up with those cut scenes for the 1,000th time.