Game Stole My Legendary COMs :(

Brought my siren in as a local co-op second player to a game being played on a different profile on the 360. All of a sudden, there where multiple items missing from her inventory. Unfortunately, I’d hit a save point…

Some of the items reappeared when I logged back in as primary user, but I’ve lost my Legendary Nurse, Binder, and Cat COMs.

Anyone else had this happen while playing local co-op? Any fix? Anyone know how to avoid having this happen in the future?

This is likely a super dumb question, but youre sure your backpack isnt sorted differently for some reason?

Common problem. Dosnt hurt to ask.

Read my mind as I was typing this…

…make sure your backpack isn’t on the new “value” tab in the backpack.
This tab through me off the first time I noticed it.

Or by manufacturer…the sort options can throw anyone off if you’re not paying attention.

If it isn’t one of these happening…idk what to say.

Just shut down so I can’t double-check, however:

  • The Leg. Cat was the one I had equipped the last time I played the game, and it was gone from the COM slot
  • The Nurse and Binder were in my inventory along with two Leg. Sirens; the Siren mods are still there
  • The Grog Nozzle I’d had from the DLC mission also disappeared, and only reappeared when I reselected that mission
  • The “Nisha” head I’d had equipped also was switched back to the default; fortunately, I was able to reselect it in the Quick Change station.

Looks like the game decided my Leg. Cat, Binder and Nurse weren’t legit somehow, and simply deleted them :frowning:

Too weird. I’ve lost heads and skins before, but never gear…unless it was something I just happened to pick up and the game froze.

Update: double-checked everything, and the only things that seem to be missing are the afore-mentioned Leg. Cat, Binder, and Nurse.

So, if anyone has spares in level 72 (OP0) they’d be willing to trade, give me a shout. Not sure what I can offer in return (although I do have a bunch of Big Boom Blaster shields, and miscellaneous spare items at level 69-70 or level 50.)

I’m so sorry @VaultHunter101, I was just going to offer you all my spare ones until I saw you’re on Xbox (I’m on PS3/4).

You’ve been a credit to the forum with your wisdom on the game and I feel like you losing it is a shot to all of us as it’ll hamper you doling that out.

So anyone willing to trade with VH101 (who I’m certain has a stacked inventory), it is in everyone’s benefit for you all to do so.

Thanks for the kind words, @Giuvito I strongly suspect this is the result of a bug in the code. One thing I hadn’t noticed before jumping in to the co-op session was that the game wasn’t displaying any of the DLC and HH starting locations, even though all the content is installed on this particular 360 and therefore should be available to all accounts. As a result, anything NOT in base game got hidden during the session (inventory showed 28/39 when I know it was 39/39). Unfortunately, those three specific items didn’t reappear with everything else, hence my thoughts on it being a bug. I have a support ticket in, but I know the support desk is backlogged.

This has happened to me before with a twister and a perfect heart breaker(oh the irony) I had it one another account who I hadn’t been on in a while and when I went to get them they were gone. Ps3 btw just so people don’t think its Xbox exclusive

For some reason, your game must have thought you didn’t have UVHM Upgrade Pack 2 installed since the 3 Siren COMs you lost all specifically require that (all drop from Tubby lvl 62+). Assuming you play Borderlands 2 on Xbox 360 (not Xbox One), I have an extra Legendary Cat COM you can have. It is level 71, and you can see the stats by visiting my trade thread in my ‘Signature’. IIRC, at +134% SMG Damage it is only 4% off the Max at OP8 (+138%). I don’t need anything in return. You can send a message to my Xbox Live GT. I will be able to give it to you this week, probably in the next 2 to 3 days and possibly sometime tomorrow evening.

However, I have been having issues with my Router getting DoS’d repeatedly this past week. It was infuriating, since I would lose Internet access on both my Laptop and Xbox One / Xbox 360. The DoS appeared to come from, which is odd since is for Web Of Trust. Incidentally, I removed the Web of Trust Firefox addon from my Computer just to be safe. Additionally, I made some changes to my Router setup; one of which included switching from Open NAT to Secured NAT. Since making the changes, I have not experienced any DoS attacks and have been on the Internet for 9 hours straight today.

The NAT change may cause an issue with someone trying to connect to my Borderlands 2 game or for me trying to join them. If it does, I will simply temporarily take the Router out of the equation. I also have to get an MRI this coming Tuesday afternoon (assuming we don’t get too much snow). I am on the East Coast US. My timezone is GMT -5. Let me know your availability, and I will let you know when I could be online. I will then invite you to join my game, and give you the Legendary Cat COM.

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I will look in all my Sirens backpacks and banks and see what if any of those I have available at Level 72, may have to even ck some of the other toons as I don’t sort anything as I find it or even list who has what.
Will let you know if I find something.

if I have them, I just give , don’t need to trade. But, yes great opportunity for someone who is looking for that item he wants but just can’t seem to get the RNG Gods on his side.

If you still need the coms I’m sure I have them- I’m just not sure if they’re at OP 0 or not. Still, I’ll check if you still need them- even though I play on the XBox One now I still have the game and the 360 hooked up…

Thanks for all the offers - it is very much appreciated. I got a reply back from 2K support, and am currently awaiting a follow-up. If that doesn’t work out I’ll PM post my gamer tag.

Edit: see update post below

Update: got the reply from 2K support, and apparently they’re giving me golden keys. Well, I suppose that’s nice, but I already have about 100 that I’m probably never going to use…

I’m done for tonight, but I’ll be on again either Tues. or Weds. evening, and Friday failing that (Eastern time zone, at least 7-9 pm). GT is Alkymist96. The thing I’m really missing right now is a L. Cat, as I managed to score a 72 L. Nurse, but a L. Binder with better than a 22% cool down would also be welcome.

@Poisd2Strike, hope the MRI turns out OK.

can’t vouch for whatever percentage, they will be. I will look and see what I have available at level 72 (OP 0) and let you know. Looks like we are on xbox at about the same time, so will not be any problem getting those to you if I have them.

I found the level 71 Legendary Cat I have. I will message your GT (Alkymist96) on Xbox Live. I can get online in Borderlands 2 tonight (2/10/2016) after 7:00 PM EDT or Friday (2/12/2016) after 7:00 PM EDT, whatever is better for you.

EDIT: Sent you a message via Xbox Live

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Appreciated. If I’m not on tonight, I’ll send you a message on XBL when I’m most likely to be on next.

Not seeing it. Sent a FR.

Enjoy the Legendary Cat !

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