Game stops responding during Space Laser-Tag mission entering Skywell-27

Hi everyone, just want to know if anybody has experienced this bug.
The first time i travel to “Skywell-27” during “Space Laser-Tag” after the Skywell map loading screen the screen gets black and stays there forever and a short looping sound sequence can be heard like when a movie player stops responding. I guess it’s part of the cinematics that’s supposed to play the first time you get there during the story. The thing is i’ve seen many posts about Lectra City or Athenas crashing but haven’t read anything bout this thing with Skywell27.
Any hint on skipping the initial cinematics or anything that allows me to progress on.

It seems something related to my PC not a bug in the game. Last weekend i took my savegame to my dad’s laptop where the game is also installed and there i was able to load and play “Skywell 27” map so i could complete that part of the story and continue on, i then took this updated savegame to my home PC and continued, but when i tried to travel to Skywell it hung again… so it has to be something specific to my PC, maybe some third party soft or it might be some corrupt game file related to that specific map.

Update: Was able to play normally until i reached “The Anvil”, the game freezed completely when warping finished, the same as with “Skywell 27”. Again taking the save to the laptop was able to progress past that map, then back on my PC kept playing fine but now “The Guts of Carnivora” crashes to desktop right after loading.