Game stops very 5 seconds

Am I the only one having trouble playing borderlands? Like every 3 to 5 seconds it stops for a second, and keeps on going but it is so frustrating. Ive never experienced this on my PS4 but is it the game or my console?

Yeah, the weird freeze hitches are so weird. Don’t think it’s fixable to be honest; it’s probably the way the engine was optimized or programmed to make it what it is. Though, I run on minimum requirements and I have played it on some great PCs and the hitches are way less noticeable on a good machine. They do still happen though.

I’m hoping it’s just bugs that get fixed in this upcoming patch. Never experienced them this frequent.

Im on xbox and seeing more crashes then ever. Not sure if its the cartel event or 2.0.

If you’re on PC, it could be a side effect of texture streaming which you can disable via a startup command line option - check in the PC tech support section. On all platforms, the echo cast extension and in-game social notifications can also have some effect; you can turn off the former completely unless you are streaming and using the plug in. The latter you can try turning down or off and see if it makes a difference.

Otherwise, I’d be looking at clearing cached data (varies by platform) and checking what modifiers are up in Mayhem. Ones which involve drones or chaining vfx can do weird things especially when the GPU and CPU are under heavy load (dense mob combat).

If none of that applies, try checking the relevant tech support forum.

Im on pc and this occasionally happens to me too, but whenever it does its freezing because it says it lost connection to online services and then reconnects.

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