Game stuck on mission 10, all objectives completed


I found a potential bug from loading a save game while in game that causes mess ups on missions objective (As in they dont get set/when completed dont update) and I have fallen into this trap on mission 10, research base has been destroyed, and all other ships destroyed, anyone know how to move it forward, without doing the whole mission again?

Same issue. Tried reloading different saves in mission and completing again. Turning off game. Etc. Nothing

A thing that seems to trigger it is if you skip cinematics during the mission.

what youre saying is that if i skipped the cinematics (which i didnt, because this is my first remastered playthrough) this happens?

I am stuck on mission 10 as well. It is not clear why this happens, but the only way around it is to restart the mission from the pause menu (F10) -> Restart Mission. Loading from the save point will not fix the issue.

One thing I have noticed occurs that makes it easy to tell that your mission is F’d up is if you see a white line pointing to a white circle that is around the research station. This is a mission indicator and should disappear after the cut scene. If it did not disappear then you will have to restart the mission.

did you destroy the 2 destroyers and cruiser as well as the ship yard?

Im SOOOOO PISSED OFF right now. I just spent 1.5 hours completing the mission perfectly…making sure I salvage the Heavy Cruiser and that I take minimal losses in combat. Then at the end of it I realize it won’t complete and I have to restart and do it all over again!!! WTH Gearbox this is such an obvious bug I can’t see how the devs didn’t realize this. It’s happened to me twice so far now. Can you please patch this crap so we can enjoy the game. I am honestly turned off from playing for a while now after this…I put so much effort into that mission.

i had the same thing, so i went back to the end if miss 6 (because I also had another bug where it wouldn’t let me research multigun corvettes due to my research ship being destroyed.) had no further bugs from there on out (apart from one ill mention in a sec) and I saved the game manual but made sure I went back to the main menu when loading them.

The only time i didnt do this in the miss where there is a shere of ion frigates (miss 14? i think) I destroy the target then it would move forward.

The weird bug I mentioned was when I hyperspaced into miss, 7 after rebuilding the research ship, the game’s auto balance difficulty system went insane apart from all the normal ships there were 15 multi ion frigates, I could have destroyed them all but i wanted to sallvage, so reloaded built the corvettes and then reloaded, then no multi ion frigates.

Tbh hw1r was way tooo easy, mainly as there were just to many resources available, that needs to be addressed, started playing hw2r and it seems more balanced, although im only on mission 2.

I am stuck on mission 9 and this is ridiculous.

I’m also stuck after killing all of the enemy defense forces on the classic version. It says the objective hasn’t been completed but I destroyed all of the enemy ships guarding the research station, and the Carrier. This was my 3rd try with it, too, so I’m pretty disheartened that it doesn’t work even when I got it done right.

tbh i remember when playin hw1 originally in ealry 2000s it had some bugs quite similar to this (i played that game to excess). i do remember missions where u would complete the objective and you would get stuck. I remember it happening with the graveyard mission and a few other missions, it may be the rebuild into hw2 engine has just made them even worse.


still stuck on mission 10.
waiting on a support ticket to go through, they have not formally addressed the ticket beyond “we will pass it along”.
Meanwhile i quite literally cannot play the game, its ok tho, they already have my money… :frowning: im sure tho wont rush or ever fix the issue… sigh

You’d think with suck progressed technology we could release complete, and at LEAST playable games upon official live, full purchase release eh? this is a scary pattern with AAA companies.