Game Stuttering Every 6~8 Seconds

While set to any online mode my game will stutter, but while on LAN or offline it runs perfectly normal. I’ve had this problem for awhile now but I was able to play the game online smooth in the past. Using wired internet connection and not phone tethering

Specs-Win 7 64 bit
AMD FX 4100 quad 3.60 GHz
GTX 750 Ti
8 gigs of ram

Are you the only person using your internet connection? Is your PC trying to download a bunch of stuff or keep a gazillion browser tabs updated in the background while you play? What are you current network connection settings?

Generally I am the only one using the internet and even when i know the only user it still does the stutter. I never have anything open in the background or let stuff download while im in game. What do you mean/want to see for network connection settings

The main one would likely be MTU size? it’s the only thing I can think of which would affect your game performance specifically when the only difference was on-line versus off-line mode. Not sure why it would cause stuttering for single player though. Actually, that’s a good question: when it stutters in on-line mode, you are still the only player in the game? Or does it do that when you have someone else in the game with you?

It happens even when i am the only player in the game set online. Even while im on the main menu, set to online it stutter but when on offline its fine.

I’m baffled - if the issue (whatever it is) is causing the game to stutter while in the main menu, then that is truly bizarre. I’d suggest a ticket to the support folks, which you can do via the link on this page:

The only things I can think of that might be causing issues while in on-line mode that might affect the main menu would be if you’re streaming your own audio instead of using the game audio, or if the game is running off a networked drive rather than your local hard drive.

It is a very confusing issue, I havent found anyone else having the problem in the last year or so its been happening. The closest relatable issue was people stuttering while tethering to their phone for internet but Im using normal ethernet cable. Thank you for taking the time to try to help though!

What’s your connection on the other end of the ethernet cable? PC -> ???

My router, keep in mind this problem only effects borderlands 2 but no other games