Game stuttering on Xbox Series X

When I play the game on Xbox Series X the game stutters. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still the same issue. I am playing the game off the internal hard drive of the Series X

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Strange have you had any other issues with other games? Is this a digital or disc copy? What DLC do you have installed apparently the new skins are a big issue I would start there delete those new skins and see how it runs. I would check your settings for display as well make sure to have correct display resolution!

I have both Season Passes and I have the disc version and yes I have the new skins my display is 4K. But I will removing the new skins and see if that helps but I don’t even have them equipped.

Yep removed those skins and it still stutters and freeze like half a second every 60 seconds.

I’m having the same issue on the series X, hopefully they fix this soon it’s kind of annoying

My Xbox one version would do this if I played without being online with the latest hotfix applied. It was so annoying, It was fine when I was online though. Haven’t gotten my hands on a series x yet but that sounds very similar…

One thing that does affect the game on XBox (seemingly all hardware versions but to different extents) is the frequency with which the game seeks to update social information. In the Social menu, there should be options to adjust the frequency of in-game social notifications (friends levelling up, completing quests, or finding legendaries) Check the setting of this; it it’s on, try turning the setting down or off.

Hey that worked I turned off my notifications and game runs smoothly now thanks :+1:

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