Game takes a long time to connect now, and locks up if you move a little

so I have been playing with no issues until yesterday, now for some reason when I log in it takes forever to hook into borderlands 3. ie the screen where the little claptrap used to never make it across the screen before hookup, now scrolls across the screen for a long time. Then when I finally log in, the game acts like it is having lag and if I move a little bit the game locks up. Not having trouble with any other games as far a lag goes… anyone else having trouble? did they break something in the game or is it somehow on my end is what I am asking. heh

ok so went to poe and ark games both on steam and they played just fine, with latency around 31ms. borderlands 3 is my first epic games store purchase so… my question is, is this a epic games store issue somehow or a borderlands 3 problem. when It was first released I played it with no issues and got two characters to level 50 and have just came back to find it unplayable… it acts like lag before I freeze up. I am assuming since no one else is commenting I am the only one having issues?