Game Theory: Handsome Jack, Monster or Misunderstood?

Not sure where to stick this, since GB apparently has gotten new forum software since i was last here (R.I.P my 4k posts on old account) and the videos/other media section seems to be gone

Cool to see him cover borderlands.

I’ll just copypasta my comment on the video.

Jack DOES NOT see his death coming. Its not shown in the cutscene, he’s visibly surprised by his defeat, and the tales from BL’s holo-jack (witch has most of his memories) denies he could ever die. you also left out the part where the superweapon that’s threatening elpis was jacks creation, and he was planning on using it to nuke entire villages and cites on pandora. The vault hunters are not heroes, sure. Anti-heroes at best. but they are miles better than jack, and only backstabbed him when it was clear that superweapon was too dangerous to keep around. I have no excuse for lilith at the end of the presequel though. Even mordy and brick were against it.

So, what are your thoughts?

I don’t think this guy has familiarized himself with the story enough.

I have a feeling GBX have big plans for Lillth and her character development. Agree VH are anti heroes at best but she seems darker then the rest. I must admit in TPS I kinda felt sorry for Jack being betrayed at the end but rightly so. Was good story telling, how his character changed from start to finish in TPS and continues in BL2 was good. I can see Lilleth becoming a big character in BL3

yeah, i feel he skipped anything that was inconvenient for his theory.
I’m a big fan of his videos but he has a record for this kind of thing.

hopefully lilith will be a bad guy in bl3

it seems fair that athena would get to kill her at least

actually we do see his death in the ‘vision’. but whether or not he does is up for debate…

He is a villian and a good one! Handsome jack for borderlands is like the Joker for batman. You know you shoul hate it but you don’t and you end up trusting him in tales from the BL. (Well at least that is what I did)

The Holo Jack not realising that he’s dead doesn’t mean much, it was created before the Eye Of Helios exploded.

Originally maybe, but who’s to say Nakawhatever didn’t patch it continually as Jake personality changed/evolved? IMO it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to imagine him doing that since he’d like his holo-Jack to be as close to the real thing as possible. He probably shelved it once he died and he thought merging Jack’s DNA with a bullymong or other Pandorian creature would be easier than having to build a mobile holo projector or body so the hologram could interact with things.