Game Theory on borderlands 3

I remember the quote said by the Guardian

Guardian: Now is not the time for bickering, Vault Hunters. War is coming. And you will need all the Vault Hunters you can get.

Now, we have seen the focus of the Calypso twins (CoV) as the possible boss, but that Guardian quote got me thinking…as if there is something else at larger play. Another alien or being that will take all the vault hunters to unite and fight against it.

Or are the twins THAT strong…

just a thought. I cant wait for the coming months

what are your theories

There is definitely more going on than just the Twins, probably be some huge reveal of a bigger threat later on. Whether that threat is cause by them or entirely unknown to them.

Yeah, most of the Borderlands plots have involved some level of bait and switch (including Tales, which was a separate endeavour but took input from Gearbox, IIRC). I’m definitely expecting more from the plot, but I am expecting the twins to be the main mechanical / story-driving plot monsters.

In both BL1 and TPS you fight aliens. So yes, there is something larger at play. A couple of times it has been plainly stated that opening the vaults is a mistake. Now we will find out why.

I think we found out why the first time, it being a doorway to a giant tentacle alien thing. And the second time, with a destroyer. And a pre time with a multifaced alien.

They were most likely put there to just guard the vault. Power being too great for anyone

The Sentinel from TPS was a Guardian that apparently had an information archive to protect. I think the Destroyer and Warrior however were actually just stored Bio-Weapons.

Late to the party but this is my guess. Given that the Twins include a Siren(tatoos?), and Sirens can open and utilize Vaults, and the new game will include multiple worlds and presumably multiple vaults, then the Calypso Twins are most likely indeed THAT strong. They look like some bad Baddies and Cult leaders definitely go on the top of my list of terrifying psychopaths. MANSON FAMILY anyone?

I would have gone with a modern game cult family like the Seeds. Given that the head of the Children of Vault are the twins, they must have a wide spread following. Each area having a commander in charge that is strong, but not as strong as them

My guess:
The twins are also vault hunters. They go around, using Tyreen’s ability to steal the power from sirens and then use that power to manually charge a key and open a vault.
The big “bait and switch” is not that they’re working for some hidden puppet master, but they are collecting hoards of advanced technology and an army of vault monsters.


The curious question now is when that star map popped up showing all those vaults. Was it showing all vaults, opened vaults, or unopened vaults?

Also if there are that many vaults it seems like it would make sense there would be more than 1 vault key. Maybe 1 per planet?

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So here’s my theory and it might be far fetched but here goes, on the map shown in bl2’s ending there were six vaults we also know that there are six Sirens and here’s where I go off the rails.

Essentially I feel that there is a possibility that the sirens will correspond to a vault as shown in bl1 and 2 Commandant Steele for bl1 and Lilith for 2, Maybe Tyreen’s power revolves around taking Siren powers and using them to open the respective vaults in some way, maybe this is out there but we know Eridians, Vaults, and Sirens are related so maybe we will also see MORE than six sirens in this game but who knows

I just want to see Zane be really cool and The Calypso Twins being epic, I am so HYPED

Wait I was looking at the cover art and if you look at a rose on the right above the rose with brick’s head it clearly says 6 Sirens so… oof

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This is somewhat unrelated but here is a reddit thread with Easter eggs in the box art cover:

There’s a comment by a 2k member that says there’s a more hidden Easter eggs in the art. The post text:
Here’s what was found so far :

The Warrior was a bioweapon/protector.
The Destroyer was something that had been imprisoned.


Yeah, the symbols is the thing that we are suppose to decode…

**on reddit they found more numbers **

Aparently it’s T10 code…and it reads FIND THE MACHINE…???


Calling it now: Tyreen can steal and share powers from other Sirens (think all-for-one from BNHA), and that’s why Troy has those red Siren tattoos, AND why Lillith hasn’t got her tattoos in the scene in the trailer where she is on the ground.

I just question if that is the case, why have a giant sword

Cause swords are cool? If anything, he must have some sort of power hidden up his nonexistent sleeves if he’s going into a world ruled by guns with a sword.

Man I can’t wait to slap down Troy for thinking that sword looks cool.

That image sorta makes them look like two nerds at a cosplay convention. Tyreen is trying to act the part for a photo, but Troy is in the background kinda tripping it up with that ■■■■-eating grin.

I’m assuming we’ll beat the Twins mid-late into the story and have another villain. Would be cool if we team up with all the vault hunters to finish the final boss/villain.