Game triggering video capture automatically

Any time I go in the Pause > Social menu it gives me these messages and upon checking my Capture Gallery the game is recording video the whole time while playing when I NEVER told it to. Might explain the horrendous frame rates im getting! Please address this issue I can’t be the only one! Thanks :slight_smile:


I also had this happen leaving the game…It recorded video and took screenshots. I went into the gallery to see the video it took and the screenshots. The thumbnails were there and if you went to watch them it said there was no videos or screenshots.

Are you guys taking video from players???

it is automatic if you do not tinker with it yet. go to PS4 settings then video settings.

There is no way to turn this off. Apparently ps4 records 100% of the time “in case you wanted a video” yeah well I want performance and there is no way this isn’t affecting the game.

Yeah i have the same thing and couldn’t find anything in PS4 settings. WTF… are they really making it record, or is it a glitch …

This isn’t a glitch, ps4 records 100% of the time until you get notifications to say that a certain scene or options menu is blocked from capture. It’s in case you want to keep any recorded gameplay of your selected amount in the capture options

^This, it won’t fill up your harddrive or anything unless you Hold the SHARE button, and select video capture

No but it does slow down your system as it will use memory.