Game trying to charge me for DLC

I have the Super Deluxe Edition (pre ordered) on XBox. When I went to Sanctuary and saw the Handsome Jackpot sign, the game only gives me the option to PAY for the DLC. It’s supposed to be included in my version. What do I need to do to fix this?

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Wait the week till it actually comes out. It’s the same on psn, but if you click on the link it takes you to the store, where the DLC isn’t listed yet

Odd, it’s not charging me. I guess either contact support now, or wait and see if the issue persists once the DLC drops.

That’s what I was saying. It’s a blanket addition in the base game, so until the 19th, when the DLC activation info is actually propagated to the servers, it’s going to keep acting like you haven’t purchased it. Think of it like Destiny 2. I had the base game when it went free, and I had weapons and armor from all 3 expansions well before paying for Forsaken, that random dropped because with a mmo game even without the DLC, the weapons and armor exists to create online compatibility between those who bought or not. In essence what buying DLC in games like that equates to is buying an unlock key. As its roughly 4.5 days till the unlock is purchasable to those without season pass, its treating everyone momentarily as if they are all without the unlock.

ah, OK. I thought it was already out. Will wait. Thanks.

If you redeemed code you got with game if you bought physically, it will show price but when you go to the season pass itself should say it’s already owned. If you bought digital you won’t have needed to enter a code but should still say owned.

It’s not available til next patch on the 19th. I have same issue and I bought the super delux, but pretty sure when it’s available we’ll get it.

@GreaseSpot (and others posting in this thread):

Some of the responses above may not be correct. I also am on Xbone and pre-ordered the Super Deluxe edition. I downloaded the game day one and it has always just shown as “Borderlands 3.” I hadn’t thought anything of it until the ad for the Handsome Jack DLC popped up in Sanctuary and the ad told me I needed to go buy the DLC or the Season Pass to get the DLC.

It was then that I noticed that not only did I not receive the Season Pass when the game downloaded, I also did not receive all of the pre-order bonuses (the goofy starter Maliwan and Torgue guns, skin packs, etc.) for the Super Deluxe Edition. So at that point I double-checked my Xbox Live account history to make sure my memory was correct and that I had, in fact, ordered the Super Deluxe edition - and my memory was correct.

Long and short of it is that I had to contact Microsoft Support through their chat to get this resolved. After about a 30 minute chat session, the Microsoft CSR got all the pre-order bonuses and the Season Pass loaded onto my Xbox Live account and I was able to install them all, including the Season Pass.

If you are having the same issue on Xbone, I suggest that the above is how you resolve it. The Season Pass will not automatically load when the DLC releases if Xbox does not show that you bought it in the first place.

An easy way to check if you have the same issue I did (pre-ordered the Super Deluxe edition but did not receive the pre-order bonuses or the Season Pass) is to go into the Xbox Live games store, search BL3 and locate the Season Pass. If the store shows that you have purchased the Season Pass, you are good. If it does not show that you have purchased the Season Pass, you are not good and will have to resolve it the way I indicated above.

I was waiting for a thread like this to show up because I suspected I was not the only one this happened to. Mods, maybe consider pinning this in the Xbox section if this is a significant enough problem.

On PC it let me flag the quest to the objective to go to the area which leads up to the nav computer to visit a new planet or area. I guess I just have to wait till the actual DLC launch date to see the area on the travel screen. I have the super deluxe edition.

Same here, it prompting to charge people must be a console glitch?

All I had to do on Xbone is go to “Manage games and add-ons.” then manage Bl3. Next to to it’s ready to install add-ons list, and install all. It installed my Sp (which now says owned in the Xbox marketplace) and all my other super deluxe goodies.

did anyone know the equivalent of xbone’s “Manage Games and add-ons” on PS4?

Gotcha. Mine was not there until the Microsoft CSR person added it to my account for buying the Super Deluxe Edition. But yes, once he added it, that is where it showed up

Just figured I’d post that as a lot of Xbox players don’t realise they should check there before panicking. So I suggest yhey try there first. If it’s not there then your solution comes into play.

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This just sorted mine, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Well, today is 12/23 and the DLC has been officially available for two days. I still am told by the game that I need to buy it. This is NOT acceptable.

Do I really have to contact Microsoft support for a game I purchased from Amazon?!? Never had to do that with previous games including previous BL editions.

You did enter the code for the season pass that came with the game through the Microsoft store didn’t you?

Even after doing the “manage games and add-ons” to install the DLC, in game I’m still told I need to buy it? WTF?!? I’ve never had to do any of this #### before with a game. I paid full price for a pre-order and am not getting what I paid for.

Did you enter the code that came with the game?

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