Game UI Stops responding to Keyboard and Mouse

I’m having a strange issue. The user interface will not respond to keyboard or mouse input, but both are still working (I can move the mouse but clicking does nothing; I can alt-tab out but ESC does nothing).

This happened to me the other day, and I thought I had resolved it by adding NoController to the startup options (no, I don’t have a controller plugged in, but it occurred to me it seemed like the game was expecting input from a controller). Everything was fine for a few days, and now this has happened again. The -NoController option is still in place, so maybe that isn’t what fixed it before. I have tried removing the option and putting it back, with no change.

Is this happening to anyone else?

Edit: Windows 7. A reboot has fixed the issue, so maybe it is Windows related.

I experienced this issue after changing the game resolution. None of the buttons are working by clicking them with the mouse, but you should be able to navigate with the keyboard arrow keys and enter. After restarting the game if should be working as normal.

Did you try above or below the buttons? Sounds like a different issue.

I don’t know but I can try to recreate the issue in a couple of hours. After that I will post my result here.