Game unavailable?

I preordered B3 as normal, but I cannot play it. The game is marked as available in the store feed, and whenever I join the B3 page inside the store it’s marked as unavailable. It is not on my library neither :confused:

(I’m in spain atm, spain/uk).

Hi, i am in Spain, try to restar epic games launcher and see.

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Nothing :frowning:

Screenshots 1/2

Umm weird… try to change language to Spanish.

Same, no changes. I was reinstalling the EGS just in case but that didn’t fix it either

any luck with your unavailable button?

Yeah, after contacting EG support and the support of the web I bought the game from (Instant Gaming), they realised they sent me the pre purchase extra content code thinking it was the game code. That is why the access from the game was removed from the EG account until I redeemed the game code (which they sent me right after they realised). After that I could access the full game no problem.