Game uncut patch DLCs are gone. Any way to get it uncut?

So I have the lousy German version and I would love to have it uncut. Cause Borderlands without a drop of blood is crap. So I downloaded a patch for the names GOTY and the game is with all the cut parts now. Problem, I can’t access the DLCs. The game says the host don’t have the DLCs. Is there actually a way to get the game uncut somehow and being able to play full game with DLCs?

I would say import physical GOTY copy, as long as you’re cool with no online.

I say ‘would’ not ‘do’ for legal grey area reasons.

Which is kinda stupid since I already bought the game and don’t want to spend money again on it. Isn’t it possible to get the files from someone with an US version of the game?

It’s possible but that would be illegal and could get you banned on Steam.
I bought an Uncut version (but still within the EU) and had no problems at all. They can be found rather cheap on eBay. I do not khow it interacts with the previously installed cut version however. It’s all pretty iffy.

I got mine cheaper from a keyshop so I had no idea it would be censored. I even had no idea BL1 even is censored. BL2 wasn’t cut at all here, but for some stupid reason BL1 is too bloody for the FSK…

That sucks :frowning: I got mine in the same way but I specifically looked for an uncut version.
BL2 purposely cut down on the violence even in the original version to make it easier to bring to other countries which has been criticized by some.
At least this censorship has become a bit better in the years since then but it is still troublesome for developers and publishers because it makes it more difficult and way more expensive to localize titles for the few countries with separate (and very sensitive) rating systems.

So I either buy an uncut or download an illegal copy. No way to get my steam version uncut without risking a ban?

I don’t really have an idea to be honest as you already have it in your library and I don’t know how an uncut key would affect that. I guess you could make a new Steam Account in that case.
Otherwise I don’t see much that could be done here.

you own the game, so downloading it is not illegal.