Game unplayable after patch

i cant take more then a few shots and the game will freeze and in the task manager itll say the game is not responding

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any help would be greatly appreciated

If you tried a lot of things before, revert them and do a clean install.

ya im reinstalling now hoping itll fix itself

fingers crossed :upside_down_face:

nope didnt work

same issue its really annoying, if i join a friend it crashes their game

hope theres a fix soon sucks i pay 100$for something just to have someone else to break it

whats your rank?

are you asking my guardian rank?

yes cause that could be it

not sure id have to beable to play to c it last i remember i was around like 300

i was 120 then it shot up to 1348 for some reason and thats whats causing mine to crash

These crashes/freezes happen because your guardian rank is too high. Your best option to solve this is either, start over from scratch, use cheat engine & change the total amount of exp you have to a number that would be equivalent to less than lets say Guardian Rank 700+. There’s another option which is what I’d advise you to do.

The easiest way to fix this, simply to go:

  • C:\Users\ (your user name) \Documents\My Games\Borderlands
  • 3\Saved\SaveGames…

And either delete these folders or create a new folder to move the files just in case. You should be deleting/moving the files called “profile” & “quick” and the folder with the number is your order of the characters you created respectively. So my first char was amara so its going to be “1”.

So the only file you should keep is your characther which should be a number based on if it was your first, second or third creation. It will give you a number based on that respectively. So essencialy, you start with 0 guardian rank but you’ll lose everything outside the character except progression. You’ll lose stuff like skins, stuff in the vault…

Good luck