Game unplayable

Hello, as the game got a free version now I decided to try it out, but after downloading and running the game it just drops down to 0 fps every like 5 seconds. It starts when it executes and persists all the way to menu, I still haven’t played the game as it’s literally almost impossible to click anything in game. Did anyone had same issue?

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@Agnar_Urthadar Can you post your graphics card and processor so they know what you are working with?

Tagging @JoeKGBX to get this seen sooner.

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I have i5-4590, 8GB or RAM and GTX 1060 6GB

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Hey there @Agnar_Urthadar,

The best course of action here may be to have you go ahead and submit a ticket with our support team via That way, they can get some documentation on the issue and your specific case.