Game Update / 10.23.19 6.75GB

Just tried to jump in the game and there is a 6.75GB update it is forcing before i can load. I don’t see any news on an update and the event doesn’t start until tomorrow; anyone have info?


I dont think it will have anything to do with the event surely theh would just hot fix that in hopefully this is the patch that everyone’s been waiting for fingers crossed


probably the bloody harvest and patches/hotfixes rolled into one.

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I can’t find any info anywhere, todays my first day off in nearly a month and can’t even sit down to have a game, I’m hoping it is the split screen patch, can’t see a free dlc being that big alone. If you know what it is please let me know?

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Yeah, I just ended my session and was wondering why I was killing everything super quick with my purple torgue shottie. Then I was getting legendaries left and right in M3, way way more than usual. Finally I switched from Rakk Attack to Fade Away and GitM and realized I wasn’t technically online for some reason. I dashboard out and see that I’m connected to the internet but when I go back in game, the icon at the bottom regarding news and events just says welcome vault hunters. Finally saw the update request when I paused in game. Gotta hit the sack for early work in the morn, but something needs updated/downloaded in order to get back online for the annoited event, which was the whole reason I was playing tonight and didnt even realize I wasn’t technically in it.
Quick side note: cannot believe how overpowered GitM was. I dont remember it being that powerful before the adjustment to the duration and crit damage. With the Torgue shottie, just unbelievable… thank God that got adjusted, otherwise there would be absolutely no point in doing anything else with Fl4k besides that build.


Same cant seem to find anything other than the twitch event but that’s a micro patch that just requires you to be online I’m intrigued

I have it downloaded and installed on XB1 X. Seems to be mostly about Halloween Event. Maurice is now present near the mayhem machine and there’s a new tab on the menu for events. I also have photo mode and Twitch extension. Menus are still laggy, bank space is the same and still can’t turn off guardian rank so I’m not sure what other fixes and/or content is in it other than the Halloween stuff. Guess we’ll just have to wait for the patch notes.

Edit: Still can’t skip cutscenes either :cry:


Its odd, Maybe they rolled it earlier because its kinda a big patch?


Is anyone able to jump into the bloody harvest then?

That’s what I’m thinking. They’ve rolled it now to give players a chance to download it before tomorrow which is when the event is supposed to go live. I guess it could be that they don’t have any control over when Microsoft release it though. Don’t know if the patch is live on PS4 or PC yet

Does offline still work the way it was?

I don’t know, haven’t tried. It’s a full patch though (not a hot fix) so I’d guess not.

Testing now as it finally finished downloading the update for me as well.

OFFLINE: Seems to be grenade patch maybe? Still doing some testing as I didn’t really have the infinite grenade build everyone was running with. I would recoup grenades here and there but now I am recouping maybe 1 one in a great while. DISREGARD THIS!!

Flakker is pre Nerf in offline mode. Wasn’t expecting that.

Same with butchers and crossroads

MENU now shows harvest option when you RB over to a new tab “events” and does read as inactive. Same as online.

Not all hotfixes go live in all patches, I would test the first 2 hotfixes, not the last one.

If this patch was in certification for 2 or 3 weeks it wouldn’t have the last 2 or 3 weeks of fixes


So does gearbox know that with this recent download Moze doesn’t regen grenades anymore?


omg offline mode still 900% exp D: ? omg if not I wont load this patch sure

Same, trying to get all characters to 50 first before i get rid of the xp boost.

Yea my Moze isn’t regenerating grenades anymore. Whats going on?

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Sorry for the blurriness but here’s your answer on offline.

Hoping to see class mods offline but no luck yet.

Grenades are not refilling as they used to… It’s buggy sometimes and just doesn’t work… Other times it works fine. Haven’t noticed the trigger for when it will it won’t work yet. Trying not to Respec lol

I’m downloading right now. I really hope they tweaked zane a bit. Bar insane min maxing hes rlly underpowered lol

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