Game updates are rushed, heavy handed and buggy

Dear developers,

I really appreciate your fast response times regarding bugs and community concerns.


Please take more time to test patches and hot fixes. The current situation is a mess. You fixed some bugs but created new, very serious stability problems. I can only speak for the PS4 community, but the current game version is far worse than the day 1 version. Before the patch and the hot fixes I had not a single game crash, with the new game version my PS4 crashes on average 2 times per hour. And the PS4 people are not alone, take a look at the tech forums.

The balance changes feel very rushed and heavy handed. Reducing the duration of GITM from 8 to 5 seconds (patch log is wrong, it is 5 seconds), was the easiest, but also the worst way to fix this OP problem. Now it is almost useless outside of boss fights, because you need some time to switch targets.

I am very frustrated, that the game gets more unstable with every new game update.


you either get fast patches, or slow patches, you are only allowed to complain about one of them. Decide

The Crashes are definitely not due to the Hotfixes and latest Patch, u got something twisted. I had them on PS4 before, playing Offline & Online. I’d even say I actually do have less crashes right now than before.

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@ brandonlatzig

I decided for me, as written in my post. Fast patches which make the game more unstable = bad. Developers, please take more time with patches.

@ Rockeka

Glad to hear, that it is not worse for every PS4 user. But a lot of people have serious problems now. I am not the only one:

Are u running on an PS4 Pro or a default PS4? I don’t know how much of a difference that could make ^^ btw. most of the crashes occured while playing FL4K and Shooting stuff while invisible with Rowans Call/Lucians soo … many particles :smiley: never actually had one while Idle.