Game way less fun on PC

No idea what is going on on PC version. On console I get better matchmaking.

On PC I regularly get a group of solo’s under 15 against a premade or a group of solo’s that are 15-85. Landslides every single time. Peeps vote surrender before the score hits 500. Just an awful experience.

Story mode on PC often can’t fill a group but the game starts anyways with as little as 3 players who almost always fail at the final boss/horde-mode/defense of object crap. They need to scale it down or add some “healing” things for the object we are defending. Story mode racing for the pickups and money is annoying (this goes for both versions). Should have shared money/buffs on pickup.

I try to go controller on PC and its a joke. Everyone else seems to be auto-headshotting everything instantly while I’m trying to draw a bead on a my target. I feel punished for even daring to try controller in this game on pc.

Matchmaking also seems to be taking forever on pc compared to console.

No idea why the game even has a run button since peeps are running 100% of the time generally. Just make it permanent.

5k users online.

The following contains MY Experience and Opinion. If someone not agree its okay :smiley:

I have decided for myself that I play a lot of MP games only on console anymore cause the following reasons:

  • Cheaters
  • Mouse Keyboard (you are forced to play with this as well otherwise you have a disadvantage)
  • Games are dying faster on PC, no idea why. Maybe cause everyone plays DOTA or LOL.
  • Party Chat is not build in.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

There may still be cheaters on consoles but it’s not as easy. Therefore there are “less” cheaters. Can’t say I’ve ran into any that were obvious cheaters on ps4.

Party chat I run into 2 types of people.

A. Potato chip eaters. They aren’t directing. They aren’t calling out enemy movements or anything. They’re munching on their biscuit n’ gravy flavored potato chips. (They’re good I know but turn your mic off to enjoy)

B. The guy who thinks he’s qualified to give orders and lacks the social skills to direct people in a civilized manner. Just because he’s the chief burger flipper at Wendy’s he thinks he’s the leader of every PUG he joins and when a loss occurs it’s always someone else’s fault.

…that’s why I love mute all.


Yes, exactly! - The thing is on PC you can buy a undetected cheat for some bucks. Double click on that .exe and you are the master of the game.

Yes it is true that it is possible that you can cheat on console as well but yeah the effort what you have to put into as way higher. Jailbreak, find a third party software and so on. This makes the console not the best place for cheaters…

xD but true!

^^ :smiley:

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