Game will not run in Full Screen

Description Summary: Launching game from Steam, cannot enter full screen or scale window

Observed Results: Game only appears in small Window, and cannot enter full screen, no options appear in game to perform this action, and attempting to force full screen with Alt-Enter in Windows does not work

Steps to Reproduce: Launch the game

Expected Results: Can enter full screen

Build #: Test Build 23

Hi HPCraftwerk,
You are correct there is no fullscreen option in the menus and Alt Enter does not function. However, for the time being, we do have some commandline options we hope you’ll find useful in the meantime.

Please let us know if you have any isses. Thanks for the report.

I have copy and pasted the command line options and it still wont go full screen or windowed fullscreen borderless…any other options?

in the menus or in gameplay?


Just tested


In Launch Options in Steam game properties. The game still starts into windowed mode.

I also attempted to set Launch options to my native resultion using -x 2560 -y 1440 with no success. Thanks!

currently, the menus themselves will always launch in the 1280x720 configuration. the gameplaywindow option will kick in once you are playing a ranked, arena, challenge or dojo match

I just checked using the borderless commandline option; menus are still NOT fullscreen (and kinda hard to read, also), however ingame IS using windowed borderless fullscreen correctly.

Are there plans to make the menus not so tiny anytime soon? A resolution options choice would be great. Not all of us have great eyes, or small screens - I’m using a 23" screen but the chat area is less than the size of a business card!

For the current run of builds there are no plans for fullscreen menus, but all best are off for beyond that. Please keep in mind this is a very, very early version of the game, so we havent had time to setup support for all pc configuratons.

did not know this, apologies, all is well…thank you