Game Won’t Launch

When I try and boot up the game it does all the initial load animations, then it gets to the progress indicator with Claptrap dancing under it. That bar fills about 10% and then stops. This is not a visual thing because I’ve let it sit for 15 minutes and the game will not load.

Anyone had a similar issue?
I want to fix and I’m guessing the answer will be reinstall and I assume I can do so without losing any progress in the game?

Yes, I had the exact same issue. I:

  • Deleted the BL3 reserved storage (the 2 GB partition that’s separate from the game save files under ‘Manage BL3’)
  • Did a power reset (turn off, unplug, hold power button, etc)
  • Rebooted

That seemed to clear it.

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Fixed it, thanks!