Game won't connect to Shift

I just started playing online with a friend using cross-play (I play via Epic) and after some time playing, my shift account disconnected and now it won’t connect back.

cant play coop . has happened 3 times today for me and my Dad. first time was able to get going by verifying game files , running dxsetup, vcredist_x84, vcredist_x64…
that doesnt work anymore . what is going on ??
its not windows defender already exepmt for borderlands

same not able to connect i hope we dont need to wait until next friday or whatever patches get released to play online again :I

Hotfixes won’t apply and telling me I need to connect to Shift which I should be doing automatically.

Also having Co-Op Connection issues. it seems on and off. One minute it works the next it does not.

Yeah I have the same problem, This has been an all day occurrence. Severs only came up three times only for a few minutes.