Game wont go online

Alright, so last night I was playing just fine, farming bloody harvest drops in heck. Game crashes as I am using iron bear (which is another bug thats still not fixed, but I digress) and I decide to go to bed. Wake up this morning and sign into BL3, and somethings not right. Maurice isnt giving quests, flakker still at 17 mag size, hex still has good damage. Oh ok, I thought. Im just not signed in. So I hit escape to go to the menu. You know, where it says “hey theres a game update, log off to main menu to get it”. Except there is no message. Im stuck in offline mode, but game gives me no option to go online. Friends list appears to work, but I look offline to them, and they dont receive my requests. So, stuck in offline mode now? Internet works fine outside of BL3, other games and web browsing, streaming etc. All working. But BL3? Not working. Any ideas?

Same thing is happening to me. We are hooked up on ether net cable. Network is online, Xbox friends online. Dlc is there, but all my guns are offline stats. No annointeds dropping. It’s bad. What gives?