Game won't launch [Mac]

I just bought BL3 through the epic games store (since steam doesn’t support mac yet for whatever reason) and I keep getting an error message when I try to launch the game. The specifications in the store say I need at least OSX 10.12.something, and I’m updated to 10.13.6, so I can’t imagine that’s the issue. My processor is slower than recommended, but I was just going to turn the graphics all the way down? I did that with my last computer for BL2 so I assumed that would still be fine (and I’ve played through the game on PS4 so low-res won’t bother me).

I’ve already contacted epic games support just to wait 4 days for a response…and they told me to contact Apple. Which is absolutely ridiculous. So I’m hoping someone here can figure out what the hell is going on.

I’m not ultra tech-saavy (clearly) and I’m aware that Macs aren’t made for gaming. I just want to get this game working so I can play with my friends!!

Here’s the error message in question and my specs. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 12.33.05 PM

I’m running the same OS version and there was a system security update waiting for me last night, so it might be worth hitting the App Store and checking for updates if you didn’t get that.

Other than that, no idea - I don’t run games on my laptop. Maybe @RavenOfArisia knows something, although I believe he may be running the game on his laptop via Boot Camp/Windows.

Otherwise, you may need to contact 2K support - the link is in the pinned thread at the top of this section.

It launches for me in Mac OS and 10.15.3. This is on a 2019 MacBook Pro, so can’t speak to the 2015 version.

That’s an OS dialog, not a Epic dialog, so something in the BL3 bundle is saying “I need this” and the system is saying “I ain’t got that”. Lemme look… No, your 2015 MBP should meet the criteria list to at least launch (though it very well might be piggy slow).

I will, however, recommend at this point (subject to change as GB works on the code) that you install Bootcamp and Windows to really have a decent experience. It’s easy to do, and Windows 10 is free for the version you need for Epic and BL3.
You will not be charged again for the Windows version of BL3, Epic knows that you purchased a license and will vend you the Windows version for free.
I’ll take a deeper look at this, i think I have an older MBP lying about.


Thanks - appreciated!

Also adding that I just had the same system security update notification on my desktop, also running 10.13.6.

Thanks so much! I’ll give Bootcamp/Windows 10 a try and see how well it runs!

Just confirming…

(I have a 2017 iMac with Radeon 580 Pro GPU with 8GB on it)

B3 ran like crap when installed months ago under Win10 in Bootcamp. This is now fixed (about 4 weeks ago?) and it runs really well (except often have trouble with multiple players connecting over i/n).

Just installed the new MacOS version of B3 (MacOS 10.15.5) and it runs like crap (on the same machine of course).

I presume they have ported the original crap B3 and will now need to update/refine it as they did with the Windows version. Fingers crossed.

I installed Win10 onto an external hard drive and turned both resolution and FPS down. It looks pretty crunchy but there’s very little lag overall; I might try bumping it up to see if it still runs well with higher graphics. I’ve played through B3 on PS4 already so visuals aren’t as important this time around, I mostly just wanted to be able to play with my friends who own it on PC!