Gamebreaking bugs lost over 60 hours of progress

Shortly after defeating troy in online co-op after the cinematic was over I was teleported outside of the map and was unable to control my character and after much help from my friend was still unable to resolve the issue and thus lost nearly all the loot from that boss fight because I was forced to save and quit. That would have been bad enough but things only got worse when I got back to sanctuary 3. When I went to my bank everything that was once there, all my uniques and legendaries that I had acquired over my playtime of over 65 hours across my 4 different characters was gone, vanished, disappeared, my previously near topped off 35 slot bank was now completely empty. I spent $100 on this game and another $100 for a copy as my best friends birthday gift and it has bugs this game breaking, let alone how demoralizing that kind of bug is, so gearbox I emplore you to use that $200 I gave you to pay your coders to patch this issue as quickly as possible so nobody else has to start over like that, you have a solid game here I just want the bugs fixed so I can actually focus on playing the game, but until then I would suggest to anyone who has bought the game to wait a week or two before you continue so they have some time to patch this otherwise you risk losing all of your hard earned loot.