Gameinformer's unfair review on Battleborn

Okay, so normally i would rant about the current state of the game and what needs to be fixed/adjusted. However, after recieving this month’s Gameinformer magazine, i have absolutely lost ALL respect for them. Not only was Battleborn rated a 6/10, but Overwatch was given a 10/10, Platinum rank, and Game of the Month FOR THE EXACT SAME REASONS THEY BASHED BATTLEBORN! Like… are you kidding me!?

Now, before i get anymore hate, i have no quarrel with Overwatch. Solid game, but too little for too much. Battleborn is worth EVERY penny i spent on the DDXL Edition.

Now, as far as the review itself goes i won’t write the entire thing down. It will take too long, but i will quote several things mentioned that’s completely biast about the review itself.

“Unfortunately, the implementation of most of these features fails to meet the high expectations of the concept, and is further hamstrung by moment-to-moment gameplay that is chaotic, imprecise, and unresponsive” - Either you’re not a MOBA player, or Blizzard is paying you that $$$ to trash talk this game. All MOBAs get chaotic at a certain point in the match and things get intense. That’s how competitivness works.

“While i enjoy the varied play, i can’t say the same for the repetitive and banal dialogue that both the heroes and their adversaries spout ad nauseum throughout the plodding storyline.” - There’s ALOT of dialogue in the game. That also includes story missions. No one dialogue section has the same piece. There’s at least 2-3 sets of dialogue in EVERY speech section in the game. Either you never played enough story repeatedly to see that, or you have no tolerance for dialogue at all. Which is funny since in the Overwatch review, they praised its “unique and distinct dialogue between characters” yet they say it’s bad in Battleborn, yet Overwatch has barely anything at all to be said. Uh-huh, sure… pathetic.

“The characters have the smug, self-satisfied attitude of bad 90’s cartoon stars, with endless sarcastic quips and lame jokes to back it up.” - You obviously aren’t a 90’s baby bro. I’ll admit, while not EVERY dialogue piece is funny and some are inside jokes you’d have to know beforehand, there IS funny dialogue in the game and there isn’t as much sarcasm as you’re declaring there’s barely any sarcasm at all or quips. It all boils down to what the player thinks is funny, but if you can’t admit to there being ANY funny jokes or skits, then no one will take you seriously.

“These three PvP modes have a high learning curve, and it was a long time before i was able to appreciate some of the strategic elements at play.” - OH YES. LET ME TELL YOU HOW ANY OF THESE MODES ARE DIFFICULT TO LEARN. Incursion: Blow up 2 sentries. Meltdown: Escort minions to a grinder to score points. Capture: Control between 3 pads for long enough to build up the higher score. WOOOW THESE MODES ARE SUPER HARD. I NEED TO TRAIN TO BECOME A PRO BEFORE I CAN DO ANYTHING! I’m guessing that means all of Overwatch’s game modes are difficult too, huh? Get real…

“Even when i finally tapped into a character or two i enjoyed, or found a competitive match with some engaging give and take, my dislike of the core gameplay still remained. No matter the ranged character, shooting feels stiff and unsatisfying. Little beyond a tickling health bar communicates the you’re damaging a foe, and when you’re getting hit, it’s hard to tell where the damage is coming from.” - Oh yes (again) let me tell you how any MOBA plays like Call of Duty (Except Overwatch). Characters aren’t mean’t to die in 3 bullets. If that was the case, then Oscar Mike would literally be the best character in the game, every melee character would be worthless, and the game would just be Overwatch with bigger maps. And there’s an arrow that pops up in the center of the screen when you take damage that indicates the player where the damage is coming from. Either you must be blind or can’t play the game correctly.

“Melee fares far worse. Run up to foes and wildly swing in their general direction, and the onscreen action becomes an indecipherable mess of explosions, slashes, and effects. This is exacerbated by a choppy animation style, a clash of onscreen color, and strangely flat sound design. On a fundamental level, combat feels disconnected and awkward.” - Please… just stop. You must not be good a reading your screen and observing all the details. Sure a first-person MOBA isn’t as good a point-of-view than a third-person one (Paragon) or the traditional overhead view, but it’s not like it ruins the experience. For melee characters, i will admit that they should be at a 3rd person view at all times, but that doesnt mean the game bad just because of it.

Overall, i personally think that Gameinformer was paid to say this, or they let a very bad/ inexperience MOBA player review this game. It deserves so much more for the work Gearbox put into this game and is still delivering. While i myself still have many issues with Battleborn, i won’t be abandoning the game anytime soon.


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