Gamepad Button mapping

Hooked up a wired 360 controller and re mapped the buttons just to see if I could … short answer yes you can it’s quite easy.

I could remap every button to anything on the gamepad except for aiming, was stuck with it doom style.

I’m sure for the type of game keyboard and mouse are the way to go just figured I would try

I also did a controller button map on first launch with my Logitech F710 and was disappointed to find no alternatives for camera mapping or the ESC key menu. It would go a long way to provide support for alternative control options (not just for gamepad, but remapping all controls in general) to make the game as widely accessible as possible.

Also, I’m sure the Gearbox staff and gamers alike would get a kick out of seeing someone hooking up a Makey Makey to play this game tapping actual cards :wink: Robust options for control mapping make fun stuff like this possible.

I found out that you can map the 360 controller for a specific game in Big Picture Mode. Get into that, select the game “Manage Game” and bind as you please. I’ve got the joysticks acting as the mouse and am playing super comfortably.

Yes, gamepad support would be great. I’m assuming since in alpha, it’s not a priority. Hopefully in beta or final. I know “real” players use kbd/m, but I’m not a real player ;p

I was more just doing it to do it because at the time i was fixing my mouse so it was in pieces

In time, I’d like to see robust gamepad support, but NOT, repeat NOT the kind that is found in other Gearbox games, where xinput and KB/M are practically two separate input ecosystems, that might as well be labeled “Console” and “PC”.

That typical dichotomy leads to annoying flip-flop of HUD elements whenever you touch the keyboard after the controller, and vice-versa. Plus there’s always some weird “you can’t bind this to that” issue, every freakin’ time. And then there’s only one set of X/Y axis sensitivity sliders that typically only address the camera-move input, and nothing to control the trigger sensitivity, and… eh, you get the idea.

I often combine joystick and mouse functions (don’t ask), so the way it is now, with joystick functions as just another binding (as in Valve titles), is a really good start for my needs. I’m sure gamepad analog axis movement and aim will be added at some point, but if I were to make a wishlist:

  • When binding an analog input, an advanced menu becomes available for that input, offering a choice between full axis or digital on/off functionality, a deadzone slider (handy for aging controllers that won’t stay centered), and, of course, the X/Y axis sensitivity sliders.

  • The ability to choose how to display HUD input labels for skills – at the very least, an on/off switch, but the ability to choose your own label from an icon database would be excellent (and fairly unprecedented.)

Yeah, I know I can use experimental Xbox/PS Steam Controller support to do some of this nonsense, but the configuration UI is still a bit awkard, since it has to offer solutions for so many different types of games, and I don’t think it’s fair to ask every user with a non-standard control scheme to dig deep into a somewhat user-unfriendly configurator. Plus, if there’s ever a console version of P1V1, I’m sure those players would appreciate access to a wide variety of control configuration options, especially those with disabilities.

Also, this might be a good point to mention that simulated keystrokes from non-keyboard devices are not being caught correctly by P1V1’s binding system. For example, when I set a function on my mouse to a simulated press of “Left Shift”, the game catches it as “Right Shift”… and then it doesn’t work at all. Yet the same mouse button, set to “Left Control”, binds properly.

Oh, also, be sure to add built-in Steam Controller gyroscope support. No big deal, right? /s

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